Wher is lesson 6b

S’mae Wendi?

I used to think I was a “visual learner” too, but SSiW has convinced me that (as far as languages go anyway), its just not true. As for not wanting to stare into space when doing lessons, I highly recommend doing something else whilst you listen to the lessons. Walking is a good one, housework too, anything really (I drive, but I don’t suggest you do that until you feel confident enough to do so - safety first!). This has the added advantage to stopping you using the pause button, which is painful to start with, but I believe to be really beneficial in the long run (others’ mileage may vary). If you chose walking, then as you live in Cymru - lucky thing - chattering away in Welsh whilst out and about (don’t be afraid of this, speak loud and clear! :slight_smile: ) will almost certainly put you in touch with local Welsh speakers you have not met yet, and lead to interesting impromptu conversations.

Really truly, this method does work - let go of your preconceptions about yourself and embrace it, I think you will be a convert!




Visual learning surely wouldn’t do anything good to me except of wanting to see some words written down so I can really know how to say them (for this Guides to the lessons and challenges are prefectly enough) so I totally agree with written above no matter I once stubborny thought I’m visual learner. And … I almost NEVER use pause button even if I sit behind the computer however I have to be focused most of the time.

But yes, doing something else while learnign is a good thing and is beneficial. :slight_smile:

A video of someone speaking even just the listening practices would be very helpful to me! I rely on lip reading subconsciously quite a lot, to the point where if I’m driving (and hence can’t turn my head) I can’t hear people talking in the passenger seat/back very well at all! With Welsh I’m struggling a lot to distinguish between some vowel and consonant sounds and this might just be key to helping me figure them out!

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Hi Stu Thanks for your comments. My mind is quite open and I’ve started working my way through the audio lessons now, the real test will start when I start the lessons that I haven’t done on Utube and therefore have not seen or heard the words. I have an MP3 player coming and I’m looking forward to using it for all the suggestions given.
I’m using an iPad for the lessons . Can anyone tell me if I can download the lesson from here straight onto the MP3 player or do I have to go to my husbands main Apple Mac computer to download onto it? Will come back to you all soon…ish when I’ve completed some new lessons
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There’s an app for that…



An excellent ap I’d say! I love it.