When should I start reading?

I know and that’s why waged if I should give my comment in the first place at all but then I decided to reply. The comment is more like telling my experience rather then suggesting what to do. Hope I didn’t kill the further conversation with it (obviously I’m good at that though).

And yes, regarding speaking I agree with everything @Iestyn said above. For those who tend to speak well in the first place rather then write and read it’s better not to read and write at the start. From my experiences of learning languages Welsh is not even a bit like German, English, Spanish, Italian and even Slovene what concerns writing. It’s unique and (for me) way harder to handle.

Tatjana, your opinions and experience on this are as important and interesting as anyone else’s, and I for one find your contributions very interesting indeed!

And, for what it is worth, I personally agree with your statement

"However I believe we’re those who can choose by ourselves when we would like to start to to write and read. "

100 per cent!

As I say, I know a number of people who started SSiW in Wales whilst doing a formal course, and they seem to be to me at least as advanced in spoken Welsh as those who aren’t, and I believe that reading and writing Welsh from the earliest time enabled me to access other learning materials and courses along side SSIW, which I believe, along with other people I know, was and can be an advantage.
I think this can vary tremendously from person to person, but I believe there are more people who would so benefit than is sometimes suggested on this site.

However, many people disagree- particularly people active on this site! And certainly Aran, (along with Iestyn) who has a lot of experience with learners. But no one (as far as I can tell! :wink: ) seems to want me to shut up if I say such things!

Please, please, please, do not get the feeling you should not say something if you feel it does not go along with the present ideas of best learning presented in SSiW!

All experience and ideas are important in such things, and this is a public forum for Welsh learners who happen to be doing SSiW.

“Be nice” is (I believe!) the only rule - you are certainly doing that!



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I’m doing my best.

And, I already came to idea how to use listening practice and transcript comming along with it into benefit of learning to write. If it works for me I’ll let you know. (Don’t take texts away from the Level 1 site now - hehe) :slight_smile: