When Pop Went Welsh

On the SSIW Facebook page, Carolyn Hodges, posted this link to this programme on Welsh language music. Though, there’s a little more than just the music: they talk about the effects of music on the history of the language and culture.

Caroline: “Mae hi yn Saesneg, ond mae’r raglen 'ma amboutu’r iaith Cymraeg a cherddoriaeth yn ddiddorol IAWN./This programme’s in English but it’s about the evolution of Welsh-language bands and it’s absolutely fascinating.”


Welsh language music has played a big part in my Welsh journey since I first heard Dafydd Iwan playing on a jukebox in Caernarfon 22 years ago. It’s played a massive part in building my vocabulary and has helped in my sentence construction. The music has been an equal partner with SSIW when I think about it…
Mici Plwm appears in the programme…Halcyon days: He stayed at the same guest house as me in Dinas Dinlle during the winter months 21 years, ago when I first moved to Wales…


…and me too!

After listening to programmes like C2 on Radio Cymru, I have discovered a LOT of Welsh lanuage music in the style and genres I have grown up with, and I now have favourite artists in Welsh language music like Y Reu, Sŵnami, Yr Eira, Mattoidz, Kizzy Crawford (her new single has just started playing on Radio Cymru as I wrote that - spooky!!)… Welsh music really does help you to understand the Welsh we have learned, as well as introduce new words to us! Discover a new artist today! :smiley:


Psssst…remember these?

They look like this…

What?! I’ve just spent half of the afternoon checking this out and then realised that it was from 2015 :frowning: Really interesting though.

Dates, lad, dates. :grimacing:
And these tapes are pre-unspeak :wink:

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Yeah, me too! :smiley:
Even though I should have learnt that when I see a new comment by @Sean-O I’d better check dates more accurately. :crazy_face:
Anyway I discovered this Forum in summer 2018 so everything that happened before is somewhat new to me so…fine for me to discover some of the old threads thanks to his digging!

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Doc and Marty have nothing on me…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit: Oh…and I took those photos last night of actual cassette-tapes.

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True! (talking about Doc and Marty)

Cool! Nice design and hairdo, by the way. :smiley:

Unfortunately, the cassette player in the car just stopped working. But I revived my first home stereo cassette player (the last one had broken too) so I’d gladly to listen to them - if I had a copy!

Oh no :neutral_face:…these were autographed by Dafydd himself and I would be living in yr kennel y ci :dog2:
@gisella-albertini and we don’t have un ci

Well I didn’t mean a copy of your cassettes, I was saying in general. But where’s the autographs?

Inside the cassette covers on the back of the fold-out. They haven’t been played for decades to preserve them. I was thinking of getting a cable to take the sound from my last trustworthy cassette-walkman to the input jack of my older laptop to transfer them. Particularly the version of ‘Carlo’ recorded as it was highly controversial and I have seen it nowhere else online.

If I were you, I would!
Not that digital copies cannot be lost easily (quite the opposite). But magnetic tapes are not as reliable as vinyl, so I think it’s always better to have a backup just in case.
I recently transferred a lot of tapes using a cable and Audacity (free software). It worked pretty well!

I don’t really know about Carlo nor a lot about Dawydd Iwan - that I actually discovered for being mentioned as yn y glaw :grimacing:

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