When brain begs for mercy...in dreams?

Yesterday afternoon it really took a huge effort for me finish Challenge Number 10 of Level 2.
If the big recap wasn’t enough by itself I also happened to do it while at the swimming pool, with a lot of noise in the background. It seemed endless.

But in the evening I decided to force myself to do one more…and I fell asleep.

The funny thing is that then, in a dream, a part of me just kept on repeating sentences in Welsh. Another part of me felt as in Dante’s Inferno: forced to repeat the same actions over end over and you just can’t quit even though you’re completely exhausted.
At some point an inner voice literally went “Pleeease, pleeease…stop!” and I woke up. :laughing:

Now I would tend to slow down a bit.
But I’m also wondering: what if it’s exactly when you have to be ruthless and just keep on pressing?

Where’s the right balance? I don’t know!


It seems to me that everybody here is different in how they feel about or approach the challenges. I will be forever grateful to SSiW for what they have done and almost ashamed to admit that I hated every lesson from the beginning to end. Sometimes I concentrated on the lesson, sometimes my mind slipped away and sometimes I just wanted to smash my phone! I did most of them on the cross trainer at my gym which was a double whammy because I also don’t like the gym either. Slowing down seems fine to me as would stopping in the middle of a lesson, taking a break or going at it harder. For me, the balance didn’t come but I got there in the end and I am so glad. Occasionally I go back and do a lesson and find that I still can’t translate the phrase properly but it just doesn’t matter. I can hold a conversation in Welsh and now it is all about practice. Sweet dreams.


Thanks, @peterallen. What you say is reassuring. :slight_smile:

Oh gym and a Welsh lesson at the same time, that must be terrible! (needless to say, I hate gym)

Although not quite as painful as it seemed at first, when your message accidentally appeared on my screen like this :laughing: