What's next? - any suggestions

I have already finished Level 2 Challenge 25 and am restarting Level 2 on the revised course. I already go twice a month, at least to a Spanish meetup group where we speak only in Spanish for an hour or two with people from South America, Spain and even Gibraltar. As well as this I have used Spanish on holiday in Spain.

The question is what next? Can anybody recommend an intermediate level online course similar to Say Something? Also I would like to converse with a Spanish speaker via Skype. As an ESOL teacher I can offer English teaching as a trade off for listening to me butcher their language. Can anyone recommend a site which could arrange this ?


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The two key things you’ll get the most benefit from are listening exercises, and conversations - for conversations, I’ve heard good things about italki.com - for listening exercises, I’d recommend doing 5 minutes a day of our accelerated ones, but also looking at something like getting the worksheets for notesinspanish.com :slight_smile:

Even though you feel as though you’d like more lessons (and we’ll get Level 3 done, I hope next year), you’ve really done all the core work you need, and bulk listening + bulk conversational practice will really crack it for you.

I can also recommend italki.com. A few years ago I did a bit of English tutoring using italki, offering conversation practice. The system worked very well. You can either pay a tutor or, as you want to practise speaking Spanish and you are an ESOL teacher, I’m sure you could find someone who will be eager to speak Spanish with you in return for help with English.

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Thank you both.