What to do after Level 2 - suggestions

I’ve come across a couple of resources that might be useful for people that are looking for more material after they’ve finished Level 2. I’ve only just had a quick look at them, but I was wondering if anyone else is using them.



If anyone has other suggestions about additional material that might be useful after finishing Level 2, perhaps they could post in this thread. We could have a collection, and people could add reviews after trying out the material.


I taught my wife to speak spanish when our first child was born almost 8 years ago. I taught her in a way that is oddly similar to the SSi system (but much less material) and then we just talked every day and (most importantly) she listened and produced the language herself. She made a huge amounts of mistakes and then she just gradually got it.

There was a session on the 2017 Polyglot gathering in Bratislava by Lýdia Machová (10 things that Polyglots do differently) https://youtu.be/ROh_-RG3OVg - in is she talked about the 4 pillars of language learning (Fun, Quantity, Frequency and System). The great thing about the SSi method is that it gives all four in one place. However, when it runs out, I suggest that you could do what my wife did - she was exposed to the language in all ways possible (listening, writing, reading and producing).

May I therefore suggest the following:

(1) Read children’s stories and gradually increase the age that you read (perhaps here https://www.chiquipedia.com/cuentos-infantiles-cortos/)

(2) Watch the famous telenovelas (they usually have very good pronunciation of relatively neutral spanish - often from mexico). I’d recommend starting with Cuna de Lobos (you will understand a lot and don’t worry about the bits you don’t understand, you will get a lot from the actions and your brain will be getting a lot if INPUT, which will serve you well later)
This is such an important part of language learning that is often neglected, a short burst of language input daily is brilliant.

(3) Try language exchanges or hangouts if you haven’t already, they’re a great way to solidify your new language and practice daily especially if there isn’t anyone around you that can speak the language to you. (is there a slack spanish practice workgroup?)

(4) Try to continue in the same pattern that you learned from ssi, although you won’t be able to do the drills, you now have a good idea about what you know that you don’t yet know and how to get it and use it in similar patterns that you’re used to.

(5) Wait patiently (but not idly) for more SSi!


There isn’t a Slack Spanish practice group … yet … but it’s something that has been talked about, when we have more resources.

Who would be interested in a Spanish hangout? If there were several people happy to host it, so it didn’t fall on one person’s shoulders to always be there, we could set a day and time and if we had say 4 people to take a turn at hosting, each person would just do one a month. I know one SSiS learner who is keen to join in a Hangout on a Monday night at about 8pm. Would that work for many of you?

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Hi Dee
I’d be interested in a Spanish hangout. (Taking part not hosting, of course). I’d also be happy with a one to one chat in Slack or Skype.

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The host wouldn’t be responsible for doing anything other than starting up the Hangout and inviting the others, then they would be the same as the other participants. They would just need to pick a week and agree that they would get the Hangout up and running for that week.


Hi All
So I’ve done, Courses 1 and 2 and they were great.
Audio/ Visual media was cruicial in Welsh, so I know how important it is for any language. I was wondering if I could get a hand with this as I don’t know where to start!

  1. Is there a Spanish equivalent of iplayer/ streaming service?
  2. Are there any good Spanish language documentaries on you tube/netflix?
  3. In the future need a Spanish radio station, something like radio 2 ish.

Thanks alot