What’s with joio?

Im ok with hoffi, lico and licio. OK a sense of humour helps, but I dont find licio any more corny than hoffi coffi.:grinning:. Although my wife doesnt like me saying Dwi’n lico cacen :joy:

Anyway. I did a bit of back street research into joio and to be fair even though I love it and it has been adopted in a big way by Swansea Council, it does seem fairly new to Welsh. Although It seems that it did come from Latin via French to English a long time ago. Then the en got added as in enliven encourage etc. Apparrently it jumped iacross into Welsh fairly recently, with the added o. Then even more recently the en disappeared. Joyo! Having said that, plenty of my Swansea friends use enjoyo in English and Welsh.


Right I’m calling in @Iestyn, as I was having a pint in y Llong at the time.