What is the ployglot plan?

Efallai mae hyn yn rhywbeth dylwn i wbod, ond dw i ddim yn. Beth yw’r “polyglot plan,” os gwlewch yn dda?

Sorry, but I’ll answer this in English as one of the rules of this forum is to not post posts totally in Cymraeg (although admins themselves break this rule quite often too though).

I believe you meant “Polyglot plan” and as it was until now it is the plan which you pay a bit higher subscription (6,99 GBP/month if I know this out of my head now) and get access to all languages which are (and should be in the future) available to learn through SSi.

However with changing pricing from 1st August (if I’m correct) I’m not sure if Polyglot plan will exist for new subscribers at all as the plan pricing for (at least) Welsh language changes (or it changed already) also.

I believe @aran or @Iestyn should give you a bit more insight into this.

I hope this helps.



As I’m a subscriber on the old plan for Welsh and I’m starting to dabble in the Spanish, I would like to know whether the Polyglot Plan will still exist and, if not, what will be the price structure for languages other than Welsh. I don’t think there are set courses for those yet, are there?


I’ve changed from the old ‘Welsh plan’ to the Polyglot plan, in case I want to pick up my ‘O’ level Spanish or start Manx. If you do it now, it will continue at the old rate of £6.95. Depending on when you started your current subscription, you might have to cancel that and take out a new one before the end of the month.


Lovely to see you dreadfully briefly in the Eisteddfod, Margaret! Sorry that I was in such a rush… :frowning:

No, there aren’t set courses for other languages yet, but it’s certainly the model we’re intending to follow. I have a very strong bias in favour of multiple language learners, so I’m kind of thinking that the £10+vat for advanced content (which will only be accessible after someone has finished a set course) should include access to all the set courses we bring online…:slight_smile:

So if someone comes in via the Spanish course, it’ll probably be something like £10+vat a month for a 2 year set course, or £40+vat a month for a 6 month course… and then £10+vat a month for advanced content… so the current 6.95 is definitely a money saver there, although it will include a few slightly irritating months before we get a set course up and running for Spanish…

Oh, @aran, you should better tell when you’re not in the rush … We’ve been the whole afternoon at the Eisteddfod in 2016 but there was hardly a chance to say proper hello actually firstly because you were pre-occupied with other people you already knew and then you’ve rushed away around the maes (what’s actually the only proper thing having the whole family with you though). … But rush is kind of your code of arms. … :slight_smile:

Now, sirious question: Will Spanish course as it is now change once more or the material stays?
And the second one: Is there anywhere I can access the old Spanish material (similar to Welsh)? I’ve started to work with old material back in the “ancient” days but came only to Lesson 5. So, no matter new material is properly set in now I’d still love to finish that historyc course. :slight_smile:


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It’s true… :frowning: One of these days, I hope to have a nice, leisurely Eisteddfod, with time to talk to everyone… :slight_smile:

With the Spanish - I don’t think the first draft stuff is still around anywhere - can’t even remember very clearly when we changed versions… not currently planning on changing what’s available for L1 and L2 - although it’s not impossible, to tidy it up by bringing it into the SSiBorg…


Yes. The trouble is I might be not around …

That magical SSiBorg always ingrigues me … I’d like to try Slovene once in it. :slight_smile:

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I’ll keep an eye out for any future Spanish set courses, but I realised that all I needed to do at the moment is pay for the Spanish Tourist Course and then I think I have access to all the material I will need for the foreseeable future.

I don’t have any plans to learn any other languages – unless there’s ever a French course, in which case I might be interested in reviving and improving my ancient O-level French! – so the Polyglot plan isn’t actually what I need right now.


So that’s next year, then… :wink:

[Damn, did I say that out loud? Crosses fingers.]

Oooh! Interesting! But I do want to get to grips with Spanish first, so I can afford to wait. :smile:

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Don’t worry. In years I’ve got used to the thing and when I see something I grab it if it’s not there when “promissed” I just wait patiently one day to happen. :slight_smile:

Yes, French for me too just as Italian and German … :slight_smile:

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