What I'm loving most about the Speaking Practice section so far

I’ve gone through phases of trying to listen to them, but find I’m identifying words and not taking in what’s actually being said, whereas with the speaking I’m more able to follow given the context of a question and the levels of welsh being used by fellow learners.

Definitely agree that the community interaction is the key though! And maybe being able to hear questions and answers back to back at the click of a button might take away the encouragement to get involved :slight_smile:


Yes - it’s that ‘harder than real conversation’ which gives them so much of their value. I simply cannot recommend them too strongly as a 5 minute daily exercise… :slight_smile:

Fantastic response @AnnaC which echoes my thoughts and feelings precisely. And whoever else it was who said in this thread about instructions - YES PLEASE!!! Where are they? How do I get on and do it?

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@carolineparkinson see my reply to your post on this thread (which I posted before seeing your post here!) VERY SIMPLE - Question from Jane [next weekend] (about to start Level 3)

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Diolch yn fawr iawn @siaronjames - when I get pum munud, gwna i

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How to post in ‘Speaking Practice’:

How to post in 'Speaking Practice'

Pink, red, etc… what do they mean?

Pink, red, green, blue and beyond... what do they mean?


Absolutely ‘blown away’ and into the bubbles right now…

Oops, looks like my earlier post really belonged in this thread, but if you are not yet convinced to ‘give it a go’ please look at what I wrote in ‘going from green to blue’ earlier today. This week has been amazing—a brilliant, game-changing experience in trying to SSiW, thanks to the help and response of others on this Forum.

Back to the bubbles for me, because getting to blue was not just a huge milestone, it threw open the door on actually speaking and listening to the language, and discovering I can SSiW.

So put that bottle of champers (or stash of special tea/coffee) in the fridge, ready for your own celebration and give it a go!!!

Marilyn :clinking_glasses:


Swiss Toni…are you really miss? If so where are you in Swisstir?.
I live in Luzern and have Welsh ancestors

Sori Margaret, dw i ddim yn dod o Swistir. I took my username from a nineties British TV character and, in hindsight, should have just used my name! (doesn’t seem to be a way to change it though)

Luzern looks incredible though, I wish I was there instead :smile: Do you know what it was that brought your Welsh ancestors to Switzerland?

If you do want to change your username, maybe it can probably be done at an admin level - tag or message Aran, he’ll know.

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I noticed yesterday on wicipedia that the last word in the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru is Zwinglïaidd, named after Ulrich Zwingli from Switzerland and the only word in Welsh sarting with a “Z”. It’s been removed from the English wikipedia entry and the GPC is website has been down for a few days, so haven’t been able to check to see it is actually there or not - it’s possible some troll has edited the entry on the Welsh wicipedia, but I would like it to be true.

Thank you, Toni.

My grandfather was Welsh …His name was Gwyllt but the English changed it to Gwilt… His family moved to London …he remained very Welsh in his way of living.
I am in Switzerland because I married a Swiss.!
I am always looking for anyone who lives here to meet and speak Welsh together.
It’s true that Luzern is a really lovely town.

I find it fun to listen to everyone who has posted. It’s great. It took me a few tries to get my entry done. Once I lost track of where I was on the list. A couple of times I went completely blank, and finally I got something decent out. It was strange hearing myself talk.I could definitively hear when I lost focus and started pronouncing words with a more American (Southern) accent towards the end of a sentence.

I felt I was ready after listening to several Welsh shows and a couple of techie podcasts in Welsh while prepping part of my kitchen for painting. I also will be painting a hallway and guest bedroom in the near future. It will be a great way to do some listening practice and to listen to others here.


Sounds as though renovation work could be ideal for your Welsh :slight_smile: :star2:

It keeps me listening longer when I’m busy with my hands. We’ve bought an older house that has not been updated since 1989. With my sisters, we’ve painted the upstairs and hallways. They brought the Champaign (8 bottles) and I supplied the paint, brushes, and rollers. This year I’m painting the downstairs. My husband put in a new stove and oven in the kitchen and we added a workshop behind the garage. The next project is rebuilding the deck on the back of the house. :fearful:

I’m trying to get an hour in of listening a day, with another hour in on lessons/speaking during the drive back and forth to work.

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That’s some heavy-duty work! - keep it up, and you’re going to achieve great things (and have a lovely house to tempt practice partners to visit…:wink: ).

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Right now’s a good time for me, later on in the summer I’ll be too busy to keep up such a schedule and will have to back off somewhat. But I’ll at least have Cymraeg on in the background to listen to.

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Oh and practice partners will always be welcome for a visit. Right now they will have to put up with the clutter in the living area.:scream:

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[sounds like our permanent existence… :wink: ]

Dw i ddim yn teimlo (rŵan, eto) ar un peth y gybl efo chdi am “badges” requirement. I am on the 6mws course and was fine with it back in Weeks 1-3 before the requirements started appearing in bits in the weekly emails.

Dw i gwybod bod RHAID i mi/fi gwneud what seems like “jumping through hoops for a badge or a series of badges I have no wish to display”. It reminds me (still) intensely of newly independent /ex direct-grant [or newly academised secondary] school abuses of status badges, prizes, honorary scholarships, and testing/certification for no good reason. It is associated with requirements to “toe the party line”, as experienced as a teacher, too.

Also of my repeated failings to record sign language tests to camera when “CACDP” moved from “stage 1, 2, etc” video-taped but with live examiners, to “Signature” with “Levels 1, 2 etc” & more and more use of exams to camera alone.

The “daily practice of sentences requirement” has now also silenced what was happening quite naturally to me, ie the same babbling that young kids do as they learn the language, or what as a teenager/young adult before interviews etc just before sleep, or some other quiet moment, the simply silent mental or indeed out loud rehearsal of “what I need/want to say” in a specific context. I think I am on strike, really.

I have still as yet no hang-ups about speaking/signing with/to people in the wild, I have struggled a bit with Hangouts and being on YouTube, associated with techno and (as with this public forum) privacy issues, but I am utterly hung-up on this badge requirement now.

I am trying to find some way to regain my former enjoyment. I was hoping to confront this at bwtcamp but the weather turned scorching, so I did not go, and I doubt there would have been time anyway before the end of teabreak first day.