WHAT?! How can this BE?

This is Simply Not Right.

My (current) favourite song ever in the history of music has precisely 155 measly views on YouTube.

I am horrified.

SSiWers, I call upon you to fix this! Watch it! Share it! Set the world to rights!

@Deborah-SSi - you knows it - emailemailemail :sunny:


OK, people! Let’s do it! How many social media acounts you have!? Use tuem all to share! I’m running to do so! :slight_smile:

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476 on this one:

and 918 on this:


hehe … I knew you’d find some which are watched much more. :slight_smile:

178 on that one @aran posted for now. :slight_smile:

Yes. But I meant “share them all” rather than “there’s no need to bother”, of course! :smiley:

NO! NO! I didn’t mean this way either! Sorry missunderstanding! I’d share them 1000 if neccessary. The song is great, her voice is one of the purest! But I was sure there just MUST be a video or two more of this song which is watched more then this one. One never gets enough audience anyway so yes SHARE THEM ALL!

It was me that was unclear. Twice. Sorry! :blush:

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Fie at you, underminer! It is the glorious Lleuwen plus cello plus choir one which needs to be shared! THAT is my (current) favourite song of all time!

Down with other versions. Boo.

I have done 3 listens! Can you set it on a loop? :wink:

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How many browser windows do you think I have open already?..:wink:

The solo one’s my favourite because I’m briefly visible in the audience! :smile:

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AHA! :exclamation:

Why you didn’t say it before? :question: :smiley:

Now, the secret - how do you tune them to play all same timed tune not to get too much of mixture fo sounds? :slight_smile: - hehe

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O shwsh 'wan, we’re trying to increase the views…:wink:

Is this one of those ‘I can see myself because I know who I am, but I’d be impossible to identify for anyone else’ kind of things? Hynny yw, methu gweld chdi yn nunlle…:wink:

I reckon that twenty or thirty views should enable close friends and family to spot me. Everyone else is going to have to watch a good few more than that.

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Oh, your profile pic tells nothing about your face image so … this video will have another 1.000.000 (of my) views wanting to spot you. - hehe

Life is really great! There’s always good in every thing (mostly). :slight_smile:

Actually, to be pedantic (I s’pose) - the other instrument in that video that you posted, Aran, is a bass, not a cello. And is there actually a choir or just a couple of backup singers?


Lovely song though!

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I’ve watched (and listened to) video carefully once again. There is actually “choir” siting behind but I presume they weren’t set quite for this song. 3 or 4 female voices is heard so I presume there are only some back vocal singers performing (could be taken from that choir sittnig behind. I presume they’re choir as there are no other instruments but base which acompanions Lleuwen to be seen).

Watching that one from Eisteddfod it’s the same acompanioning group with her as in @aran’s so those people on the stage of Aran’s video definately weren’t set to be part of the song and i see 2 women singing acompanioning vocals on Eisteddfod video aswell as in Aran’s video so this is it. Base, Leuwen’s guitar, her pure lovely voice and 2 back vocals. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to see this is up to about 1500 views now.

Still doesn’t seem like enough!


I wonder if anyone can help?

I think I remember breifly seeing Lleuwen with a band in the Ty Gwerin at the Eisteddfod last year, with an amazing bass player (maybe this one?). I meant to make a note of the name of the group was but was on small child duty and got distracted (story of life…) Any ideas?

I haven’t come across anything by her recently that gripped me quite as much as the album Acoustique (sheer brilliance, but a while ago now). Well OK, I haven’t looked very hard…

Any suggestions (band / recent albums) gratefully received!

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Have you got Tân?

It’s in my all-time album top ten…:slight_smile: