What dialect is the South version of the course based on?

Just out of curiosity.

The original southern course, back in 2009, was voiced by @Iestyn and Cat. I believe Iestyn is from Caerphilly and basically the course is/was how he speaks. I don’t know if there’s been any changes since then.

Aha, just got to Lesson 2 Level 2 and one of the narrators mentions he is from/lives in Ceredigion, so that explains it!

Helps me feel better about not being able to get ‘disgwyl’ in my head instead of ‘edrych’ as well as lots of others! :slight_smile:

Yes, they were living in the Rhymni Valley area when they started recording, but moved to Ceredigion later, and their Welsh altered a little after the move to fit in with the local area.