What am I hearing on Radio Cymru?

My new job has an hour bus ride to and from the office, so I now get a long uninterrupted chance to listen to Radio Cymru. After 2 weeks it feels like its had a massive impact on my listening skills and I’ve learnt quite a few new words; datblygu, parhau, union and amlwg amongst them.

However, there’s too words which I’m struggling with, the first one I can’t find on google translate or in my dictionary, probably as I’m not sure on the spelling:


The second one seems to be a completely different meaning to the context:


Can anyone help me out?

HYSBYS: known, evident

there’s too words which I’m struggling with

Are we talking about your Welsh or your English?..;-p


My guess is that this is ‘pythefnos’, which is a fortnight - does that sound like a fit?..:slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s Penwythnos I’m hearing. Phonetically I’m hearing Bear-fez-nos

Oh, and did you just delete a thread complaining about something that had been fixed?..;-pp

It’s been a long weekend!

Yes, I think its pythesnos.

lol, yes I did. I really need to go back to bed!

Just you wait until we get the custom electric shock coded for anyone who deletes messages…:wink: