Welsh weekend n wales 6 & 7 sep 14

bangor university have a welsh weekend 6 & 7 of september, if anyone is interested! i’m determined to speak as much welsh as i can now i live here, it would be MAD to do anything less!

it is at the bargain price of £36!! less if you are unwaged.

here is a link to it (although i haven’t posted a link here before it might not work)


it looks like it’s taking place in conway, i’m sending my cheque off today. i’m in the process of buying a house, otherwise i would have offered to put any interested people up for the weekend…maybe next time!

hwyl, deb

Diolch yn fawr i ti Deb.

There is also one in Wrecsam, LL11 4ED, 30-31 Awst.

Closing date for both is 22 Awst - tomorrow(!), as I write.


I saw the Wrexham one but conwy nearest for me lucky u mentioned closing date I ll brave the rain for the post box now!

Diolch yn fawr Deb

This looks good! It seems the link for online registration in the pdf isn’t working, but I found you can instead register online at:
I guess, though, your registration will already be in the post by now!


i didn’t try the link but yes cheque is in the post - should be hwyl fawr!