Welsh self-service checkouts in and beyond Wales

I have been using the “Cymraeg” option on the touch screens in McDonalds for a while - the same language options seem to be available across the UK as far as I can tell. Not perfect (some of the info stays in English), but a step in the right direction, we hope.

But this week, ASDA have updated their self-checkout software and it seems to be the same in Wales and England - there is a “Cymraeg” option at the bottom of the touch screen.

You can imagine the looks I got from bemused locals in Greater Manchester, seeing and hearing the till talk back to me in Welsh. At one ASDA, the assistant had to think, in context, what was the problem when an item was the wrong weight and the technical problem report was clear on the screen in Welsh (maybe English speaking assistants need subtitles to help them, but only in “Staff Assist” mode of course). And at another ASDA the assistant said “you realise you have selected Welsh?”, to which I answered in the affirmative of course.

At least, Cymraeg till options in England are raising awareness of our language - and local assistants do seem to know what language is being used, even if they don’t speak it - yet! And when an error message appears in Welsh - I can translate it for the staff!

Onwards and upwards! Hopefully ASDA won’t decide to “stop the Cymraeg option in England because the staff get confused”. I intend to use the feature a lot more - well, basically every time I go to ASDA …


I don’t know if you reading my mind, but I actually wrote a blog piece about this today! :smiley:


@Nicky one question: Is this site not followable in Wordpress reader? I can’t see if I follow it already neither I find it when searching for it in reader to follow.

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Hello! Let me go and have a look to see if I need to check or unchecked some tick box :slight_smile:

Probably this is the case, yes. Thank you.

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Fair comment about non-Welsh speaking staff understanding what has happened (let’s face it these tills aren’t 100% reliable). On the other hand, the same must be true for French, Polish, etc.

Edited: …and perhaps also Welsh in some parts of Wales, or overnight (skeleton staff), etc.

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