Welsh pride

My wife and I had such a lovely time over the weekend, visiting with my aunt and uncle at their home in Ocean City, New Jersey. They’ve been to Wales twice (oh, be still, my envious soul!) so we’ve been asking them questions about things there that they particularly enjoyed.

Anyway, we were out on the front porch with my aunt and a few of her friends, and she asked if I would sing. I got out my guitar, and knowing her fondness for spiritual music asked if she’d like a hymn. Then I started playing and singing “Calon Lan”.

Now my uncle had been sitting in the living room watching the World Cup matches, but no sooner did the music start than he was out there with us, marching up and down the porch and waving “Y Ddraig Goch”. Very unusual it was as it’s not very easy to drag him away from his beloved “futbol”. After that I gave them Meic Stevens’ “Y Brawd Houdini” and they all seemed to enjoy that too.

Great story!!! I was singing and strumming Y Brawd Houdini myself this morning…La la, la la la la.

That sounds absolutely fantastic, Morgan - da iawn ti!


I love that song and sing it often. Wish I could find lyrics for more of Meic Stevens’ music. My Welsh isn’t really good enough to be able to figure them out by just listening.