Welsh or English School? Program on BBC1Wales

Did anyone else see this? Young Welsh, monoglot English mother (Lucy Owen) anguishing about which secondary school to send kid to. Dad speaks Welsh and wants Ysgol Gymraeg. I was glad, in the end, she reacted to reason, logic and data and chose Welsh!! I hope this influences other parents. I especially liked the point about teaching someone else being the best way to learn!! I found that out when I was still in school and others asked for help!!


I didn’t see this, hopefully it will be on iPlayer!

Lucy Owen was on Cariad @ Iaith a couple of years ago, trying to learn Welsh. I hope she kept it up!

The cynic in me suspects that there was never any ‘dilemma’ about which school to choose. They were always going to send their son to an Ysgol Gymraeg. But first, there was a few quid to be made by producing a television programme.


I didn’t see the program but quite several days this is circling around FB and twitter so it got my attention.

@Jamiehuwroberts passionate about Welsh education + Cambridge was inspirational. But I had lots of questions. 8.30pm pic.twitter.com/8hNZWJgwzT

— Lucy Owen (@lucyowenwales) January 25, 2016

Loved my time in Welsh Education. Very proud to be able to siarad Cymraeg! #DespiteBeingTaughtInWelsh https://t.co/3jsQdZgLCj

Posted by Jamie Roberts Fan Page on Monday, 25 January 2016

She said she’d tried to learn a couple of times, using different methods, and failed, so I don’t think she kept it up!! Maybe her son Gabriel will cause her to try again! Perhaps someone could tell her about SSiW!!!

I offered to do a free set of intensive days with her on Twitter - I think it was the only tweet at her in the immediate aftermath of the programme that she didn’t answer… someone else did, though, to say that she’d love to do the intensive days with Lucy - so I ended up doing them (via phone) with her instead… :slight_smile:

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