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Always great to see a male harpist! :smiley:

(ps - don’t think I have the hang of how this messaging platform works so I was referring to the breton vid!)

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Hey G-A
Llewar o ddiolch! That helped. :slight_smile:

\Neidia/ · Gwilym

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Some folks and I have started a topic and database to collect song lyrics and have created a listening “challenge” to transcribe our favorite songs together as best we can from what we can make out. I added your lyrics for Fel I Fod to the “Official Lyrics” tab, crediting you and Ochr1. If you would like me to take it down, just let me know and I will get right on it!

I am posting a link to the database and the new topic below. Everyone is welcome to join us and add lyrics and songs to the project!


I’m not sure if she’s posted this somewhere else, but this is by a fairly new SSiWer - one track in Welsh on her recent album


diolch yn fawr gan y [translation] - came across this song recently listening to radio cymru - hardd iawn!

She did earlier and once again just some minutes or so ago … Interesting stuff on that album, not all Welsh but definatelly good (fo my taste) :slight_smile:

noswaith dda pawb! I was listening to radio cymru earlier and a song by a disco outfit called Jip, it was called “Doctor” - was extremely Disco, can’t find it online, anybody happen to have a copy? :smile:

love this, have been playing all week!

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Not a song posting but a request for info;

I’ve just watched “Pen Talar” on s4c clic, and there was a background song playing, some of the lyrics were "mae’r cychod yn y bae yn crynu, mae’r pysgod yn y culfor wedi boddi. I’ve searched but can’t seem to find anything. Any ideas, please?

Love this!

New Video from Blodau Papur - Yma:

I remember the old S4C show Fideo Naw. When I was little and my Welsh was even worse than it is now, I thought it was Fideo Nawr, as in Video Now, rather than Video 9. Presumable it was on at 9 o’clock?


Fe ddaeth y teitl o’r ffaith ei fod yn cael ei ddarlledu am 9pm nos Iau ar S4C

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Ni’n Beilo Nawr The Welsh Whisperer

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I want to thank you Rob Bruce and others for exposing me to so many great Welsh bands and songs. I know I’ve just scratched the surface but there really is something for everyone here. Diolch.


I Fight Lions - Diwedd Y Byd