Welsh mandatory in all UK schools?

So, is this real, or is this site one of those spoof sites?

If it is real, I’m amazed!!

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Edit: I should have added “and I’m a Dutchman”

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Dw i ddim yn credu hynny, Sionned. Byddai’n neis.

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Looking at the other news items there, this may well be confirmed by Mr Tumble when he takes over at Bake off. Still, a nice idea indeed.

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Looked at the other articles. ‘Nose picking while driving punishment upped to six points and £500 fine’
‘Hospitals to remove cancer wards to make room for more cafes’ haha. I did have a chuckle at the ‘Stria and IS agree to minutes silence for Brangelina tragedy’ haha. But methinks it’s not real news whatsoever.

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The article is clearly a spoof. Much as I love Mr Tumble, he’s brilliant and so talented at what he does, surely Twm Tisian would do a better job with Bake Off, Sali Mali in the Mary Berry role with Dona Direidi and Ben Dant as ‘Mel and Sue’.
A sure fire hit, then the rights could be sold for millions and solve S4Cs funding for decades.


Highly unlikely, if I’m honest. They’d have to actually get all of Wales willing to speak Welsh before they managed to make the language compulsory outside of Wales…

“the brainchild of MP Dafydd Canardo” isn’t ‘canard’ the French word for duck? Doniol iawn, dwi ddim yn meddwl.

Might start an interesting thread on whether it should be tought outside cymru though…


I presume this spoof, mentioning the constituency of Rarebit and Neath is loosely based on the Consultation in thread Welsh Government want your opinion Unfortunately some may believe it and protest muchly!

Very much agree with this.

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Southend News Network is a spoof site

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