Welsh Learners Scrabble Competition 7-2-15

Derby Welsh Learners Circle are hosting a Welsh Learners Scrabble competition on Saturday 7-2-15 starting 9.30am and lasting until midday at Derby Friends Meeting House, St Helen’s Street, Derby

All are welcome, whatever the level of Welsh spoken. We will be playing of teams of 2 so even up the odds for less advanced learners.

Please contact 01773 827513 if you wish to take part



might be tempted to come along although I got to get to Cambridge for night duty… afterwards. Do you partner people up J? if I come on my own? Do you apply strict scrabble rules. I got the game but shall have to read the rules.

We put people in teams of 2 and are not too strict re the rules! You’d be most welcome as would any other SIWW member within reach!

Oo, would love to come if I were closer!

Tricia nd I have just started playing Welsh Scrabble again after a recent hiatus. We found we can actually have a decent game and enjoy it now!

Of course,

is important for us!

Copious use of dictionaries for someone playing (otherwise known as “cheating” ;-), but it’s what we do in Scrabble in English anyway!), and basically only challenging if you have a very good reason, and not always then!

Leading to boards like our latest game-

I’m sure there must be done very odd Welsh in there!

We enjoy it, though.

Hope the tournament goes well!

We hope to get a good turnout, last year we had 15 or so.