Welsh learners in the South (USA)

Hey y’all… er, pawb-

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, but I love what you’ve done with the place. Very chic, like a classy IKEA.

I’m looking for Welsh learners here in the South to interview for an article I’m putting together. I’ve interested in people’s stories, how they came to learn Welsh and what drives their interest. If you live down South or know other Welsh learners who do, I’d live a chance to talk.



Hey Trey, good to ‘see’ you…:smile:

I’d love to see the article when you’ve got it done - and I’ll drop Dee a line so that this is on her radar the next time she has a chance to do the weekly email…:smile:

Diolch Aran!

I’ve popped the link into the next email - hopefully one out next week.


Diolch i chi gyd!

Would someone mind PM’ing me Cer’s real-life name? I remember that he lives in South Carolina, but I can’t PM him without it and I can’t remember it off the top of my head.

Shwmae Trey.
‘cer’ is actually a woman (“cer” being short for “Ceridwen”). Aside from that, I really don’t have much more information. Not entirely sure if she uses the new forum yet since I haven’t seen any of her posts for a while.
Sorry for not being much more help than that. Hope your article goes well.

Trey, Is southern Virginia far enough south for you? I live north of Greensboro, southeast of Roanoke, northeast of Martinsville, southwest of Lynchburg, and northwest of Danville in Franklin County, Virginia, near Smith Mountain Lake, where my Pasley ancestors have owned my land since at least 1786 when this county was founded. To my knowledge, the only Welsh ancestry I have is that one of my great-great-great-grandfathers was a man named William Powell, beyond whom I can not trace. My wife is descended from a man named Meshach Griffith, and we can trace back no further for her. I woould be happy to discuss my interest in and learning of Welsh with you. Charles Pasley

Hey Trey, I’m an international student studying in Irving, Texas (I’m currently in my home country Vietnam but will be back in Texas when college starts). I went to North Wales when I was 16 to finish high school (Llandrillo yn Rhos to be exact). Some of my teachers and classmates were native Welsh speakers. I studied Welsh 2 hrs a week for two years with the Cymraeg i Oedolion program (but haven’t been able to practiced it since I went to America). When I went to college, I met a girl who also learned Welsh (she’s from Missouri). Most people here don’t even know that Wales is a country xD I had a fun time in Wales (being Asian and knowing more Welsh than a generic Cardiff resident). I hope I can go back there some day. I would be happy to get to know more Welsh learner in America.

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Trey, I’m originally from Missouri and now living in northern Virginia. Do either of those count as south for you? :slight_smile:

@Ha Tran…when I read your status about a girl in college in Missouri learning Welsh, for a half second I thought, wait…was that me you’re talking about??? Haha. But I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone with your name, so it must be someone else. Do you remember who? (Being born and raised in Missouri, and attending college there, for a sum total of 22 years in the state, I do know quite a few people there… and people studying Welsh is not a common thing anywhere, much less in the midwestern, less-populated states like MO!)

Shwmae, Trey. I live in Toccoa, GA (northeast corner of the state) and I’ve been learning Welsh since 2010, mostly with SSIW. Where are you in South Carolina? I first visited Wales when I retired, and I fell in love with the country, the culture and the language. My biggest frustration is that I don’t have anyone to practice with here in the states. Hoffet ti e-bost gyda fi yng Gymraeg?

Dorothy Brown

Helo Trey

Ydy Arizona yn y de?

Dw i wedi dysgu’r iaith am bron i 4 blynyddoedd. Dydy fy nheulu ddim yn dod o Gymru; ieithydd proffesiynol ydw i. Mae gen i ddiddordeb yn y gynghanedd hefyd.

mike h.

Dorothy, i used to live in Toccoa :slight_smile:

Trey - i emailed you last week; would love to get together.

Jeremy D
Austin, Texas

Wow - diolch yn fawr am yr ateb mawr, pawb!

@Gavin - a few people have PM’d Ceridwen’s full name and I actually found her on Facebook, too. Thanks for your help!

Everyone else: I intend to PM you each, but it’s safe to assume the categories marking both “Southerners” AND “Welsh speakers” are loose. What’s more important to me is to give ear to different perspectives and personal narratives. That being said, my focus IS the Deep South, so not everything may make it through the final rounds of editing.

My name is Sian, I live in South wales I have been learning to speak Welsh for 5 years! Unfortunately I am still not fluent but I am enjoying learning and I have started practicing my Welsh every day now so hopefully I will be speaking in Welsh very soon.
Hwyl Fawr

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I live in Houston Texas.

I have completed the first lesson and am ready to start the second.

My fathers family came over from Wales. But our family records were destroyed in a fire. They used to store all records in one place back then. All I know is my grandmother Brace told me I was a Welshman and they were coal miners so I have been taking the Southern Welsh course. It was just a guess. But still a lot of fun.

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And I’m from Alabama but now live in Northern Virginia. :slight_smile:

Diolch unwaith eto, pawb!

I spoken to far fewer of you than I would like, and the article is written with significantly less about Welsh learners in our part of the world. Such is the evolution of things, unfortunately. I have a few other schemes I’m hatching, though, so stay tuned!

I’m also kicking around the idea of starting a Google Hangout for folks in our part of the country (specifically TX, but I see no reason someone outside couldn’t join). Would anyone be interested in joining?

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Hi, I’m from Clarkesville, Georgia and have been learning Welsh through SSiW for about a year.

I found my Welsh ‘heritage’ while doing a character study for a play that I was in. As far as I’m aware, my family does not come from Wales, but that hasn’t stopped me from adopting a Welsh spirit! I recently got back from studying abroad in the UK, and of course I visited Wales several times and spoke Welsh.

It’s exciting to learn that there are other Welsh speakers so close to home!

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I’m from Kennesaw, Georgia and I’ve been learning with SSIW for about a year now.
I haven’t actually visited the new site before now and I just got a new computer as well, so I’m kind of relearning the internet at this point, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out a private message if you want to discuss my interest in Welsh.
And I’d really be interested in a more regional Google Hangout. I’ve been a bit scared about joining the other ones. The more people there are, the less able to communicate I become, and I’ve never used Google Hangout before anyway, so I don’t know how it works. A smaller group would be fantastic!

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