Welsh Learners Festival in St Fagans tomorrow (21-4-18)

I’ve only just heard about this so sorry about the short notice, but it could be an interesting day.

Llwybrau llafar       Language activity trails
‘Dweud wrth wneud’ - gweithgareddau crefft i’r teulu oll      
‘Make and talk’ – family friendly craft activities.
Ymlaciwch yn y Lolfa Lafar          Chill out for a chat in the Language Lounge
Dewch i ganu gyda ‘Cor y Dysgwyr’ (dim dawn - dim probs!)          
Come and sing with the ‘Learners’ Choir’ (wailers welcome!)
Bydd na hwyl a sbri – dewch yn llu!   There’ll be lots of fun for everyone!

Apparently other Welsh national museums are holding similar events, so if there’s one near you, check out what they have on.

Here’s details about the others