Welsh language transmission in the family

I can’t remember where, but we were discussing this somewhere on here, so I thought some of you might find this interesting. My tutor at university is the co-author of a new report for the Government on patterns of language transmission in families where one or more parent speaks Welsh. It makes for very interesting reading. There is a summary, but there is a lot more interesting stuff in the full report (particularly the quotations from parents about why or why not they are using the language):


I will give this a read later! Diolch Sara :slight_smile: (Nes i dy weld di ddydd Sadwrn y pêl-droed, ond o’n i’n rhedeg drwy parc, felly nes i ddim stopio. Dwi isio cyfarfod â dy gi di! Mae’n edrych yn cŵl :smile:)

(translation: I saw you the Saturday of the football, but I was running through the park, so I didn’t stop. I want to meet your dog, he/she looks cool!)

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Diolch, Sara - that looks really interesting, and a vital pieve of research if the government are going to get anywhere near their target of a million speakers.

He’ll enjoy that!

Yes - it’s a very illuminating read. But it’s one thing to identify the prejudices and attitudes that inhibit people’s use and transmission of the language (and this is something I’ve been working on a lot) and quite another to change them…