Welsh Language Radio Schedules

A bit of an odd one…

Being a somewhat of a radio fanatic, I came up with a (possibly not very good) idea for a website/app. The idea behind it is to display all Welsh language radio broadcasts for any given time. We all know about BBC Radio Cymru, but there’s quite a few independent radio stations out there that broadcast in Welsh, so hopefully when complete, the app will be a way of browsing and enjoying them all. :smile:

It’s far from a polished product, but if you can look past the dodgy Cymraeg and clunky design, it may be of interest to someone.


Hi Aled,

For what you’re after, I’d say Audacity would be perfect. It’s free, not too hard to pick up and (in my opinion) it’s better than a lot of the paid alternatives. It can be downloaded from http://www.audacityteam.org/. If you do decide to give Audacity a try and want a walk-through of how it all works (in English neu y Gymraeg), let me know - I’d be happy to oblige :smile:


That looks like a handy little tool - great work, Danny! :star: :star2:

@Deborah-SSi - one for the email? :sunny:


Missed this week, sorry, but definitely in next week’s.


If anyone is interested in learning about digital broadcasting, Radio Beca is offering a free one-day workshop on May 21st. Information here: Radio Beca Ysgol Ddarlledu

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