Welsh Language Centre - Cardiff

I visited the Old Library on the Hayes a couple of weeks ago and confirmed that remodelling work is proceeding in preparation for the opening of the Welsh Language Centre. No-one on site, however, could give any estimate of likely date for opening. Does anyone on the forum have any further information?


Was not aware of this, so diolch Hywel.

Found this relevant story in Golwg, but it’s from June, so not exactly up to date:

(I thought there might be a more recent update).


Don’t know if this is of any help:


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Standing outside the old library as I write this - although I couldn’t get into the building as its current purpose - “The Cardiff Story” museum - closed at 4pm!
From notices on the door and inside the glass porch at the front, there is no information about the opening of a Welsh Language Centre. I can look back here another time over the next week, as I’m in the city almost every day, and if I find anything out I’ll post it here.

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I was in there this week asking about it as well (can’t wait!) and the very helpful staff said no definate date but should be open before Christmas. There will be things on floor 1/2 and also a welsh shop in the entrance :smile:


Excellent! I will look out for that nearer to Christmas then!

Me too!!

I was harassing them yesterday and apparently there are delays so a new date of 23/01 :frowning:


Was due to be November but is now going to be January.

How do people intend to use this place to learn Welsh?

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Dysgwyr Caerdydd Wordpress blog have announced that this centre WILL open in the new year! This is what was posted:-

A new centre for Welsh Language and culture is due to open at the end of January in the heart of Cardiff City Centre.

Menter Iaith Caerdydd is responsible for this centre and has been refurbishing the Old Library in the Hayes for this new purpose. The new centre will have a creche run by Mudiad Meithrin, a bar run by the people from Club Ifor Bach a book shop and a luxury gift shop selling Welsh produce. Cardiff University will also be putting on Welsh Language lessons in the centre and we can’t wait to get our hands on the schedule for all the other upcoming events!

Why not stop by in the new year for a Welsh learners’ coffee morning after hitting the January sales?


Hurrah! Can’t wait to visit…

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Sounds like a fab excuse to all meet for a coffee. It is important to support things :smile:

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