Welsh Interactive iPhone adventure game at St Fagans

Hi Everyone, I hope it is OK to post this in the General section.

For a university project, I’ve been working on an adventure game (in welsh of course) set at St Fagans. Using an iPhone app, you walk around the museum and meet people who live in the buildings, who give you information and clues to help solve a mystery. The aim is to improve reading and comprehension skills either individually or in pairs / small groups.

If anyone is interested in trying out the BETA version. please take a look at the instructions in the dropbox link below, or send me a message / reply for more information. You will need an iPhone and a data plan. The data usage is only a couple of megabytes, less than watching a youtube video.

The story is fairly small and simple, but I’m looking for feedback on the concept and the activity itself from anyone who gives it a try. I would suggest at the moment, you only try it if you are confident with installing an app and using google maps on your phone.

It takes around 45 minutes (depending on language skills and how fast you walk) and is set around lefel canolradd in terms of grammer patterns and vocabulary. A printable vocabulary sheet and a “how to play” guide are included below in English, but you could also get by using google translate on another phone if you are in a group.



The vocabulary sheet and how to play guide can be found in this dropbox folder:
Dropbox - Gem Antur

The appstore link for the app is:
ARIS App on the Appstore


I’m not going to St Fagans anytime soon, but sounds like great fun and something I’d like if I were there!

I work at St Fagans and I’d love to have a go, but I’m wedded to Android so I’ll have to find a friend with an iPhone first!

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Cheers guys,

Yeah it’s a real shame there’s no android app that can run the game system yet, but I’ve heard one is underway.

Hi Owen, how smallish-child-friendly is it? We might be able to try it out, but I guess it also depends if (big if) space can be found on my husband’s iPhone for the download…

I’m not sure about what age would be appropriate really asthere’s no content that makes it inappropriate for any age, I suppose it depends on their reading skill / attention span. Perhaps 7 or 8 would be OK with a bit of guidance you think they’d enjoy it.

Would be great to know how kids of different ages got on too.

This sounds like an excellent idea - it’d be fascinating to hear what kind of feedback you get… :sunny:

I downloaded Aris on my old iPhone 4 (without sim card) and could access everything from here over WiFi - which implies you could use an ipad too if you set it up in advance?

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You can use Wi-Fi via a hotspot from another phone, and play it on the simless iphone connected to that WiFi spot. (Have tested this with a creditless sim, not without a sim completely, I’d say likely to work though)

It will run on an iPad with a sim slot, but not on one without a sim slot as these don’t have true GPS (have tested this and it fails spectacularly)

An advance download will probably work too, but can’t guarantee it won’t encounter an issue mid game if the server can’t be reached because of no data.

Sounds fab. I am also interested if/when it appears on android