Welsh in the Wild! ... or rather, Petting Zoo

Being from America, I haven’t had much of a chance to speak Welsh. Now, however, I’m in a two week long Ysgol Haf in Bangor to learn Welsh. It’s been quite an adventure! I am speaking Welsh to actual, living people and they understand what I’m saying! It’s still in a classroom setting, but I’m confident in what I can say and hear and can come up with new sentences quickly. I’ll be meeting up with a local friend, so I’ll get to try it out on native speaker soon.

My only “problem” is that I can’t read very well yet. Even if I see a verb construction that I already know written down, it seems as if I freeze a little.

But the good news is that I’m learning an impressive amount of new things!


oh, that is brilliant news! I do hope you get to meet lots of SSiWers! @siaronjames I know you are in Caernarfon, but can you help @brookemartin? @aran can you? How long are you there for Brooke? If @Deborah-SSi puts your visit in next week’s n/l, will you still be in the area?

I’d certainly be happy to if @brookemartin happens to be in Caernarfon at all - I know Bangor isn’t far, but I don’t actually get there very often!

Oh, hey, @ChrisTaylor is on that - we’re meeting up for a panad in Caffi Maes in Caernarfon at 4pm this Friday if you’d like to come along… :slight_smile:

@siaronjames, fyddi di o gwmpas?

Unlikely I can make it for 4pm but could probably get there for 5pm if you’ll still be there a while after that?

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Fighting chance… won’t be able to stay much longer beyond that, or I’ll be leaving Catrin juggling too many kids on her own… :slight_smile:

That’s amazing. Seriously, don’t worry about reading! The holy grail of speaking in Welsh especially is actually understand what’s being said to you outside the classroom but everyone will have their own personal goal. Well done!


Fantastic. You can read in Welsh to your hearts content when you’re back home. Just relish the opportunity to speak Welsh in Wales to Welsh people!


Are you going straight back to the US after the two weeks? Or will you get the chance to travel about in Wales a bit?

I won’t be able to stay much longer either, as I’ll have to get home to let the dog uncross his legs! But happy to squeeze in half an hour or so. :slight_smile:

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I’m just here for the two weeks, (I have to back to the US for a wedding and my long term visa) but I will be studying at Bangor University for a year starting this September!


Lovely to meet up with @aran and @ChrisTaylor yesterday :slight_smile:
Chris - thought this might interest you http://www.glaslynwildlife.co.uk/volunteering/

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