Welsh in the Czech Republic

Symyda i i Brno, Y Gwladwerin Tsiec, mis Awst. Dwi’n dysgwr o radd “canolfan”, bydd “uwch” nesa. Oes rhywun yn yr ardal y hoffech yn sgwrsi, falle i’w wneud grwp/clwb siaradwyr gradd ymisg, draw fanna ym Mrno? Cysylltwch a abcgoss@gmail.com.

I’m moving to Brno, Czech Republic, in August. I’m a learner of intermediate standard, progressing to higher standard next. Is there anybody in the area who would like to chat, perhaps form a group/club of speakers of mixed standard, over in Brno? Contact abcgoss@gmail.com


@Deborah-SSi :sunny:

Hi Alan. I live in Sheffield but travel to Vyškov on a regular basis. We have church planting projects in a number of towns out there, including Brno - so I may be one of your best bets. It would work for me to connect up and practice Welsh as well, as I do not get that chance in England and am usually occupied on Saturdays with football coaching when the local SSiW groups are on.

I believe that there are also a couple of Welsh guys who live in Kojetin having married Czechs - though I have not yet met them and am therefore unsure whether they speak Welsh. Kojetin is probably an hour or more away from Brno so it is a bit of a trek. Vyškov is 40 minutes to the east but I tend to travel all over the place when I am there.

Your only disappointment from a dialogue perspective may be that I have only done Course 1 and the vocab units, though I am currently on Lesson 13 of the Level 1 and trying to move as quickly as I can.

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hello aran/dee, are you interested in joining a new cylch in Brno? I have replied to welshspringbok below already, so it looks like we’ll be making something happen. It doesn’t matter what standard you are at right now. So say hello, in Welsh if you can, but in English or your own language if you can’t!

Aaa! Mae’n flin 'da fi, dwi wedi newydd darllen dy proffil. Dwi’n deall nawr dy fod di’n byw yn LLandyssyl ayyb! Wel, diolch yn fawr am dy “leic”, byddwn ni’n falle weld ein gilydd ar-lein yn y hydref, os byddet ti’n aelodu ein cyclh am bellach! Da 'bo! Alan

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I’m afraid I’m based in Gwynedd - I tagged @Deborah-SSi so that she could put this in the weekly email - looks as though we were too late for this week, but I’m sure it’ll go in next week’s, so with luck we’ll be able to dig out a few extra connections for you :sunny:

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Whwps, dw’i wedi eu wneud ef eto! “Camgymeriadau yw fi”! A

Steve, dobry den(!)

Diolch am dy neges. Bydda i’n hapus iawn i ymarfer gyda di yn y hydref. Bydda i’n cyrraedd ym Mrno cyn mis Medi achos bydd fy mhab (5 oed) yn dechrau ysgol ar yr un pryd. Dwi ddim yn siomedig o gwbl am dy safon siarad; paid becso! Byddwn ni mwynhau cydymdeimlad am cyfle i siarad a falle i chwilio am rywle i edrych ar gemau rygbi Cwpan Y Byd, achos fydd y gem ddim ar a teledu Tsiec yn aml, dammo fe, ni chwaith ar gael ar y cyfandir, o’r leoedd arferol BU.

Thanks for your message. I will be very happy to practice with you in the Autumn. I will arrive in Brno before September because my son (5 yr old) starts school at that time. I’m not disappointed at all about your speaking ability, so don’t worry! We will enjoy shared sympathies about the chance to speak and possibly find somewhere to watch the World Cup rugby games, because the games aren’t on Czech TV often dammit, nor available online in Europe from the usual UK sources.

Ok, bydd fy nghyfeiriad ym Mrno “Kounicova 34”, tua 20 munud ar troed o’r gorsaf, neu yn syth fel tram/trolibws. Does dim ffon symudol Tsiec 'da fi eto, ond bydd hyn yn newid yn hwyr. Fy ffon symudol nawr, yw 07956 932669, yn Y Mwmbwls, rhyng Abertawe a’r Gwyr.

Ok, my address in Brno will be Kounicova 34, about 20 minutes on foot from the station, or straight there by tram or trolleybus. I haven’t a Czech mobile phone yet, but that will change later. My mobile now, is 07956 932669, in Mumbles, between Swansea and The Gower.

Dwi hefyd sy gyda gwraig Tsiec. Dysga i Tsiec hefyd! Byddwn ni’n byw ym Mrno am sawl blwyddyn.

I too am with a Czech wife. I will be learning Czech as well! We will be living in Brno for several years.

Sgrifenna eto, ac os mae hi’n bosib dy fod ti dod o hyd i bobl eraill, siaradwyr neu ddim ar y pryd nawr, dyna peth da!

Write again, and if it’s possible for you to find other people, speakers or not (dubious construction of mine there!) at this stage, that’s a good thing!



Yes, sorry, I have a visitor staying with me at the moment so I didn’t see this until I’d already uploaded this week’s email. I’ll definitely get it in for next week. And if I ever get a chance to travel to Brno, I’ll make sure I get in touch :smile:


Hi Alan,

Dw i’n byw ym Mhrag …os byddi di rhywbryd yma, neu os bydda i ym Mrno, mi faswn i’n falch iawn i gyfarfod am sgwrs.



Stefan - haia! Ateb gwych. Bydda i’n cyrraed Brno mis Awst. Hoffwn i cwrdd hwyr yn y haf? ebost yma: abcgoss@gmail.com - rhif y ffon symudol nawr yw +44 7956 932669 ond pryna i un Tsiec cyn bo hir. Cyfeiriad ym Mrno = Kounicova 34, Veverzi.

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Hey Stefan. I float around Czech Republic. Will probably be arriving at Vaclav Havel airport in Prague on 9 September, though I am due to meet an Ozzie at that time and am not yet quite sure of my movements. If you are around though it would be great to try and have a Welsh conversation - though I think both of you guys are substantially ahead of me at the moment.

Hello again. I’m here in Brno now, spending the next 3 days in Prague. My Czech phone is 773 683 574 and my email is abcgoss@gmail.com. Get in touch and let’s do something. Alan

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Hey Alan

So sorry that I have not been in contact. As is often the case with me, I have been off the radar when it comes to Welsh recently. However, I am now back up and running and am on Lesson 21 of the new Level 1 course, so am making some good progress.

Will next be in Czech Republic in September. I have a couple of guys with me and we are touring round a bit but I’ll make a plan to visit Brno if you are available (from around 10 September onwards).