Welsh for Parents: A Learner's Handbook

Welsh for Parents: A Learner’s Handbook, has just been published by Y Lolfa and might be of value to some of you with children.




Thanks for these links - looks interesting.

Very cool. Thank you so much!

I’m a little confused cause I could have sworn i borrowed this series from the local library last year but it’s reading as if it’s only just been published. Id be surprised our library being that up to date. I did quite like it but didn’t give it the proper time and consideration it deserved

10 year old daughter and I went out shopping for this book on Saturday and found a copy in Waterstones. We’ve been looking for something to help us learn together and thought this might be it.

We had a quick flick through but decided it wasn’t going to engage her enough to solve our problem. (I know, I know it’s a book for parents, not children). But we did find this:

Cymraeg i’r Teulu

Which looked a lot more approachable and which has been working well so far. I thought I’d mention it in case other people are looking for something for a similar reason.


Cymraeg i’r teulu is a good course I’ve just completed unit 20. They also have a cd and flashcards alongside the book and a separate homework book. It’s apparently equivalent to the mynediad.