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I moved to Wales 2 month ago, and have been working my way through the SSIW course. I’m now up to course 1 lesson 19. Most of it has been two steps forward and one back but I do think I’m making progress. I was in the butchers on Saturday and could understand odd words of the conversations around me - although they were speaking very fast! I was thinking about going to the Beginners Welsh for Adults course which is starting next week. Does anyone have any experience of it and how it compares with SSIW. I don’t want to confuse myself more and I like the way SSIW is structured.

Interesting dilemma. Not sure what the answer is but I’ve tried both.

I attended various traditional courses before discovering SSIW. I’ve made much more progress since SSIW. (no comparison really) I’m very unsure whether my earlier learning provided a platform for what I’ve learned subsequently via SSIW. A course would have the advantage of connecting you with other learners in your area.

My guess is that you’re making excellent progress if you’re able to pick out odd words after 2 months and that you could supplement the SSIW lessons by practising, finding the local SSIW group, listening to children’s TV etc

You might want to look for the ‘original catchphrase’ lessons on the BBC learn Welsh website. The catchphrase materials appear very similar to what is offered in traditional lessons and might give you an idea of what to expect.

While you may feel like you’re going slowly in SSIW, you’re going far faster than most people doing more traditional courses - I remember when I did a week long intensive course aimed at people doing the mynediad course (the beginners’ course), and discovered that where I’d been learning how to use loads of different sentence structures, they’d been learning how to use the one or two different sentence structures they knew to talk about the weather, holidays, jobs and things they’d like to buy. Also, they’d been given tables to learn mutations (how the beginnings of some words change a little depending on context) by rote. No wonder most people find that bit of Welsh to be so difficult… Basically, in two years, they learn less than half of the sentence structures that you will learn in two or three months, and unless they make a point to regularly practice all of that holiday vocabulary and sport vocabulary, they’ll probably remember less than a quarter of that by the end…

Thanks both. You highlight exactly what I was thinking. I feel that I haven’t learnt as much vocabulary e.g. weather etc with SSIW although that is probably because I haven’t got to the vocal lessons at the end I do feel that I have made much more progress than my experience has been of other courses e.g. German and Portuguese. My aim is to get to a point that I can go on the bootcamp next summer but more importantly I can overhear the conversations in the local shops!

oh and Ive actually been doing the course since Jan when i started my new job and was commuting but only moved here in July. Sometimes I do get fed up and stop for a couple of weeks. Usually when I come across a word that is difficult to pronounce!

but more importantly I can overhear the conversations in the local shops!

You might find that Level 1 (with its accelerated listening exercises) will help you sooner with this aspect than the old Course 1 - so might be worth you having a go at Level 1 when you’ve finished Course 1…:smile:

It probably depends on whether you want to read and write. Cwrs Mynediad tends to teach written Welsh quite well. You will learn vocab and to spell and read Welsh but speaking happens with SSiW. I have done traditional courses in conjunction with SSiW. I have found it to be a complimentary experience.

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S’mae Peter?

Re. your comment about missing the opportunity to meet up with people, where abouts are you? There are lots of SSiW meetups that run each week or month, and there may be one near to you. These meetups are really great and you will use a lot more Welsh than in a Mynediad classroom. I highly recommend trying to get to one from as early in the SSI process as possible. They are very friendly affairs and are applicable to any level of Welsh that you have.

Pob lwc,


Diolch Stu I’m commuting to and fro London at mo so keeping eye out for opportunities in London area. Unfortunately the Grays Inn Road sessions are on the evening I tend to travel. Iechyd dda anyway. Peter