Welsh commuters

Hi there. This isn’t actually about learning Welsh, so please let me know if it’s too off topic and I’ll delete it!

I’m from Pembrokeshire, work in Surrey, and currently live in Oxfordshire. But I’m starting seriously to consider moving permanently back to Pembs and commuting to work (I only need to go there a few days a week for maybe half the year, and can work at home the rest of the time). Has anyone else made this sort of move - living in Wales but commuting a long way? Would really appreciate some insights! I’m getting carried away dreaming of living close to family, being able to afford to buy a house, and of course the chance to encounter and practise speaking Welsh on a daily basis …


I was living in Haverfordwest and I was travelling to Leicester for a bit. It didn’t last long…

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What happened @rogerprice-1??? (I’m in Haverfordwest right now!)

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Hi Rebecca,

I currently living in Aberystwyth and my office is in London.

However my work is very flexible, so when it’s quiet - I only tend to go in once or twice a month, working from home for the rest of the time. When it’s very busy, I can spend 3 nights a week up there.

I was previously living in South Wales, doing the same up until January of this year.

I’m a big, big fan of this way of working.

The train journey from Aber to London is a bit of a bummer (4hr 45m) but I find as long as I keep myself busy (i.e Plenty of SSIW, Good books, Laptop out for browsing) I manage it fine :smiley:


My little boy was in Leicester hospital for a long time so I relocated to Peterborough. Where in Haverfordwest are You?


@Nicky Thanks! I’m glad to hear that it works for you … I’d have a similarly long commute but, like you, can work from home a lot so it’s good to hear that you can do it without being driven mad :slight_smile:

@rogerprice-1 I’m so sorry to hear about your little boy - I hope he’s doing well now. I’ve been spending the summer in my late mother’s house in Uzmaston, which we’re just about to get rid of. But when I wrote my last message I was in The Creative Common, a nice little coffee shop on Goat Street that is owned by some friends of my sister.

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A fair play. I lived on Dew St and worked at Withybush Hospital for a bit. My boy is all good now thanks.

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A lot of our staff work at home and come in one day a week/ fortnight, they all say it’s a much easier way to live and allows them to actually get more work done, than waste their time commuting.

What you need to do is research the commute at various times of the day. For example the ‘Newport tunnels’ on the M4 are notorious. I know Surrey is horrible, unless you hit the pinch points at the right time. Essentially research the pinch points. Even if you can use trains, knowing which ones you usually have space to work on and which you are stuffed in like a sardine arriving tired and frustrated. Consider how flexible with times you can be when you need to travel.

My boss travels late in the evening and stays in a hotel 20-30 miles from where he needs to be the next day, have a working breakfast and travel in when the rush hours have eased.

Get that research done, it’s doable and it could indeed be the dream!


Many moons ago (well 1987-1991) I was doing weekends on Gower and weeks in London, but that was because I was able to get my cottage while still living in a London suburb! There were things called Cheap Weekend Returns on British Rail, but I was a bit plutocratic then and travelled on the South Wales Pullman with a group of commuters whom I saw every time I went. Costs at both ends, as well as the journey may end up prohibitive, but if you can work on line most of the time and only need occasional trips, it can work well. I early-retired in '91 and did a few years of Consultancy Work which meant only sporadic inspection visits for which I could charge full expenses! Luxury! Jammy life I had, sorry!

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@Y_Ddraig_Las That is some excellent practical advice, thank you!

@henddraig It would work out cheaper to relocate. I realised that, for the price of a tiny, tired, 3-bed house on Oxford’s biggest council estate, I could buy a beautiful, recently renovated, detached 5-bed house in the Preseli hills (near a train station) and still have enough left over to buy a Ferarri :stuck_out_tongue: Not that a Ferrari features in the plans, but the expression ‘no brainer’ springs to mind …

Actually what’s most helpful here is just the reactions of ‘Yes, that’s possible’ rather than ‘are you CRAZY???’


i am suffering hiraeth now. Back then, i could do something about it and did! If I were fit I’d move back to Wales. I totally understand your motivation! Dal ati Ferch! it may require complex logistics and some loss of luxuries, but who needs ho.idays when you live in Sir Benfro?

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Very good point on the “get more work done” point.

When I work from home, I’m online at 8.40am on the dot - I’m focussed, I’ve got no-one around disturbing me, I chuck my headphones on and I work like a man possessed.
I break off at 1 or 2 for lunch and I’m back in powering through 'til the end.

Whenever I’m in the office, I tend to get chatting to my colleagues, go for a coffee once an hour for 5-10 mins - end up browsing websites that the guy sitting next to me e-mails over.

When you compare those together, I’m at least 50% more productive when working from home.


Headphones in offices are so useful. People are less likely to chit chat with you so you get more done and you have something to listen to (Radio Cymru of course) when doing somethign tedious.
I’d love to work from home, to be able to get my desk, chair and monitors comfortable and right for once, be able to use speakers and not have things plugged into my ears all day and be able to have decent tea/coffee and make a fresh lunch, it’s sounds like bliss.
Not forgetting being able to live somewhere you want to live, rather than where work needs you to be.

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@Nicky I wish I could work from home that efficiently :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately my attempts to work at home usually involve eating a 6-pack of crisps before 10am … and there is the irresistible allure of a nap.

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