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I have just watched the film ‘Yr Ymadawiad’, a dark boding psychological thriller, with adult themes which came out last year. It probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (I did say dark), however it is well done and effective in my opinion. As to the Welsh language it is mainly Northern dialect, but really there isn’t a lot of speaking in the entire film, so you can understand everything that is going on with SSiW Welsh, so for immersion there are probably are more useful films to see.
I started this thread to ask:what are the classics of Welsh language cinema? This was only my second full length film ‘yn cymraeg’ I loved ‘Eldra’ from years ago and saw this again recently for listening practice [except I couldn’t switch the ruddy English subtitles off, grr!!!] does anyone have any recommendations?


I don’t know many, but Hedd Wyn would have to be one.

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Somebody mentioned Tylluan Wen on another thread recently which gets studied for Welsh Literature GCSE (you can find it on YouTube) not sure I’d recommend it though I only got through half an hour it was very slow to start and rather dark themes.

Part 1 of Martha Jac a Sianco is available on Youtube. The whole thing is available on CD/DVD. Haven’t watched it but have read the story. Again studied for GCSE, again not very cheery.

I recently had to watch a film for my Welsh exam. I tried to get hold of Un Nos Ola Leuad, but couldn’t seem to find it available anywhere (if anyone has a copy they’d be willing to lend, please let me know as I’d really love to see it!)

In the end I managed to find a copy of Gadael Lenin to watch, which was a bit dated (1990s) but mostly very good (and gave me enough to discuss for my exam). I’ve also got Solomon & Gaenor to watch when I can find a free moment on my own (my partner worked on it, so has seen quite enough of it for one lifetime…)

Another, more recent, film you might enjoy is Patagonia, which is in Welsh and Spanish, but I’m sure there are others I can’t think of at the moment.

‘Eldra’ is an absolute gem of a film:



Ohhh! Just come across this on the forum. I host a film night at home and I’d love to watch a good Welsh film. We always need a subtitled film because one of my friends is hard of hearing, but it would be great to watch a good quality Welsh film. I like to introduce films that are different to mainstream. This one looks interesting but I’m not sure how easy it would be to get hold of.

All and any recommendations for a film in Welsh would be gratefully received - and I could plug Ssi on our film night too:)

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Did it? Saw it in the cinema last month, it seemed to be newly released.

And in mine!

Seemed to me to be if anything from north and south, but basically in Welsh! :slight_smile:

You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din… On the other hand, I really enjoyed and understood the film.

I felt the film stayed with me for days after watching it. It seemed to do that with the people I watched it with (“learners” and first language speakers). I’d say it is a film well worth watching if you get the chance.

Just my opinion.

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Yr Ymadawiad is showing at Theatr Mwldan in Aberteifi at the moment - finishes on Thursday night. I might get there on Tuesday night, if anyone is interested in joining me. Let me know.

I got hold of a DVD of Eldra. Could someone recommend if it’s suitable viewing for a (fairly mature) 9 year old girl? (Or even a 6 year old?) Or better for after small people bedtime?
Thank you!

Of more personal interest, can anyone recommend a film suitable for a very immature man in his forties?

I just checked a few clips of Eldra to check if I had seen it, and I have, a while ago. I remember it as it finally making sense of why a relative of mine had a fox as a pet, as he came from that background (Welsh gypsy!)
As to suitability, if I remember correctly, there is at least one tear jerking moment in it, I won’t say any more. Whether they will enjoy - well, I can’t really say I did. Again, if I remember rightly, it did seem to be one of those films which “went on a bit”. If it hadn’t been for the fox, I don’t think I’d remember anything about it. But then, I watched it all, so must have found it at least watchable,! I just can’t remember! Hopefully you will enjoy it, anyway!

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Oh, just seen Aran’s views on it above, so good recommendation of it there!

They shoot a fox (not graphically, off camera), it’s a bit weepy in parts, some children get their ears clipped. But I don’t remember anything really disturbing (but I’m quite de-sensitised). Well then there is the hastily averted (who knew) zombie apocalypse scene, but I don’t want to spoil the story!


Thanks you both! Still not sure… I wonder what the take away message is like? (‘A bit weepy in parts but ok in the end and that’s life’ - or anything particularly ‘sad sad’?) Is the ending upbeat or ‘arty’?

It’s not weepy weepy, unless you cry during every film you watch! The ending is neither tragic or happily ever after. The main protagonists are children. It’s not an ‘arty’ film but it is quite atmospheric.

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Great, thanks v much, will let you know how it goes down!

I’d think it’d be fine for them - but I sat back and did nothing as my wife let our little monsters watch Star Wars, which I thought was wildly age inappropriate, so I’m clearly not to be trusted on these matters.

Might make them cry. Shouldn’t give them nightmares, though.

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Thank you! Yes I don’t really approve of star wars either, but what can you do…? And I eventually let the eldest watch all of Harry Potter films - which I suspect probably were responsible for some bad dreams!

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