Welsh Canadians

Are there any people out there who would like to help a lesson 6 student?
I can FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout with you. It’s difficult to find people who have time to converse. I’m in the Welsh Society over here, but people are too busy with life to do more than the lessons on a Thursday evening.
Anyway here’s hoping.

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Hi. Jason I will practice with you on skype I 'm on lesson 26 northern going on to vocabulary 1 and I need as much practice as anybody.


Great stuff, folks - getting into live practice this early in the process is a huge win - and we really notice people who are kind enough to reach out and help with this sort of stuff, so diolch yn fawr iawn iawn Pete! :star: :star2:

Hi Jason, count me in neighbour. See you on Skype.


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Eirwen and I are semi-retired Welsh Canadians living on the Italian/French border. We lived in Montreal for over 3 years and then in Toronto for over 10 years where we became Canadian citizens.

Eirwen’s first language is Welsh and I like you am an SSiW Welsh speaker.

So when you need help in practicing to speak Welsh just contact us.

FYI - We are 6 hours ahead of Toronto time



Omg Pete.
I just logged on and saw your message.
That is way ahead of me…but I really really need to practice and I have no problem if ANYONE wants to chat with me.
What would be the next move ?

You got my number just give me a call I think it will be fun to chat with you.

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Hi Marilyn
My Skype address is jrmedcraft

Hi Pete… My Skype address is jrmedcraft or my cell or laptop now.

Hi Justin great to hear from you. Do you guys have a Welsh society in Toronto as we have here? jrmedcraft on Skype

Hi Jason - Here is a good link for you for the Welsh Society in Toronto:

Also Hefina Phillips who lives in Oakville within local commuting distance of Toronto is very active in promoting Welsh in North America.

Do you live in Vancouver?

Eirwen and I now live in Europe on the Italian/French border on the Mediterranean coast not far from San Remo in Italy, Menton in France and Monte-Carlo in Monaco just to give you an idea where we are on the map.


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