Welsh cafe in Manchester

Some great news for learners in the Manchester area!

A Welsh cafe has just opened in Manchester.

It’s called Siop Shop and it’s on Tib Street in the northern quarter.

The owner speaks Welsh and is keen for the place to become a place for people to come and practice their Welsh.

It also does cake :slight_smile:

It’ll be great to have a place where you can drop in at anytime and practice.


There’s an article about it here in the Manchester Evening News - sounds great!


Gwych! I can see that becoming a ‘must visit’ for a lot of people in the north… :slight_smile:


Ar y ffordd

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Just reading a shortish biography of David Lloyd George (by Hugh Purcell, in the series “The 20 British Prime Ministers of the 20th Century”). He was born in Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, although his mother took took him to north Wales after the death of his father, and he was brought up by her brother, Richard Lloyd.

While looking online for other Manchester Welsh connections, I came across this site:


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This is very exciting. The Manchester chat group are meeting at the usual venue at the gallery cafe this morning but I’m hoping there’ll be an agreement for this to be our new meeting place from next month. It was a bit risky meeting there today as there are a few members who may not see Facebook or forum messages so would just turn up at the gallery. A couple of us at least are having lunch there after the group. It’s certainly going to be my go to cafe whenever I’m in Manchester now! :slight_smile:

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The Manchester Chat group went for lunch here after the meet up in the gallery. All agreed that this will be perfect as our venue from now on. :smile:
The owner Iwan is very friendly and as Ian said is keen to chat in Welsh with people - he said he has been missing the opportunity to do so in Manchester - he’s happy to speak English too of course.
The food was great with some interesting options including veggie/vegan. I left my last 2 Say Something In Welsh business cards with Iwan. Is it possible to have some more please Aran?
I will message Dee to ask her to add the change of venue to the email newsletter.
Hoping this exciting development will tempt even more members to the group! See you there in December! :slight_smile:


Just been to the Siop for lunch as I’m having a day trip to Manchester - my home for 28 years before moving to Wales. It’s lovely very friendly and coped well with me practicing welsh. Hope they do really well.


Called in to Siop for a coffee and cake as I was in Manchester for the Xmas Market. The atmosphere was really relaxed to say the city was busy on Sunday. So nice to hear Welsh been spoken. Had a little chat with Iwan will be calling again. Coffee and cakes excellent.


This is great! I do find myself in Manchester every now and then - whether through work or personal.

Will definitely give this place a try :slight_smile: