Weekly and Daily Practices

Hello everyone,

I have just subscribed and started using the new course. Do I need to be using the daily and weekly practices that I can see on the app or are these only applicable to the old course?

Diolch pawb.


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Croeso, Welcome Kate,

There are some listening exercises associated with the new course - which are associated with groups of 5 challenges on level 1

Rich :slight_smile:

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The ones you asked about go with the old course - so leave them and stick with the new course as illustrated by @rich - you will hear in the challenges themselves when to start on the listening exercises (essentially you’ll start on the 1-5 one after reaching challenge 5, and keep with that until at the end of your next block of 5). If you’re doing a structured course, the emails will also give guidance on the listening exercises.

Welcome - and enjoy! :slight_smile:


Diolch Ann a Rich :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: