Want to learn Middle Egyptian?

This isn’t really SSi stuff, since Middle Egyptian is not a spoken language anymore, but if anyone is interested there’s a new study group starting in January:

Invitation to join Allen 2016 group.pdf
Allen 2016 - format.pdf

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Nooo! Go away Susanna … I’m already dabbling in Turkish for some totally unknown reason! Don’t tempt me with something else :weary: That sounds way too enticing!

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Are you guys using Egyptological pronunciation or a reconstructed pronunciation?

Pronunciation isn’t involved, this is purely reading course.



SSiME ??

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Oh, I really have a strong feeling there will be SSiEverything :slight_smile: at one point.

@Aran, if you tend to make Slovene, let me know. I’m really interested in the making …


While our weekly chat in Welsh on Skype, Tatjana kindly helps me to tiptoe a bit in Slovene. It is very interesting.
The verb conjugation is (at least in the present) quite regular and easy, but there are many tricky things concerning change of the verb order.
And Tatjana already told me, that many more interesting stuff will follow, like Dual (special plural for exactly two things) different forms for the past of verbs for male and female and many more.

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I’m glad you want to learn some Slovene and find the language interesting, @brigitte and I have to say you’re learning prety fast so those special things like duality could be infront of you quite soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the compliment, Tatjana. Now one half of me is looking forward and the other half thinks: Oh my god, what did I start.

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Ne skrbi. Poznam ta občutek … (Don’t worry, I know that feeling.) I don’t tend to bitter your life and learning so think of a happy days ahead. :slight_smile:

Sorry to resurrect a very old thread, but I thought I should mention that for French speakers, there is now an Assimil Course for Egyptian. The course includes an introduction to the writing. The full version includes 4 CDs with the full course content using Egyptological pronunciation.

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