I am now nearly half way through the intermediate course and have had a go at the first two vocabulary lessons which I have found hard, especially the second as it contains such a lot of new stuff. First where I have had difficulty in establishing exactly what is being said there is nothing in the guides, and I see others have had the same problem as I have.
More importantly though I don’t know whether I should be doing the odd vocab session interleaved with the main lessons, do them all first, or do them all at the end. Has anyone sussed out the best way to tackle this please?
Otherwise, the reservations I expressed in my earlier post a month or so ago have largely disappeared and the material seems to be going in and more importantly, coming out much better these days

This one :sunny:

The reason you’re finding a lot of new stuff in them is because they’re not meant to be done until the end of Course 2 - so you’re getting the new vocab items, plus a load of other stuff that you haven’t covered in Course 2 yet - a recipe for headaches!

Glad to hear you’re getting on well - you’ve certainly got enough Welsh under your belt by now to be able to survive a week with no English, which is a huge achievement :sparkles:

S’mae Bryan?

I have guides for the Course 2 Vocab units if you are doing the Northern version. I am sure others will have the same things for the Southern course as well. PM if you want copies of what I have.



Noswaith dda Stu.
I am indeed doing the Northern version so I would greatly appreciate the guidance notes you have offered.
Diolch yn fawr iawn.

That,s a relief Aran! I was a bit concerned that it was all getting away from me, but, now it makes more sense. I shall press on, including having my first go at speaking Welsh at the Oswestry meeting next month. Daunting, but, exciting at the same time
Thanks for all your encouragement.

I sent you a Private Message Bryan!