Vocab guide for Course 1 North?


I have just completed the old Course 1 North (yeh!!), and have decided to go through the equivalent Vocab before moving on to Level 2. I found the Course Guide for Course 1 North really useful, to occasionally see how words are spelt as well as spoken. However, although there is a Course Guide for the South Vocab, I haven’t been able to find a North equivalent. Does anyone know if there is one?

Many thanks, Sally


@aran? Can you help her? It’s easy in the Challenges!

@Sally I’m not aware of a document for Course 1 North Vocab as such (which doesn’t mean there isn’t one somewhere!), but if you look at the lessons on the website, there is a place to click that pops up a vocab box:

and there is vocab in there for the Northern lessons.

I am doing the Southern lessons - I had a quick look, and I don’t see anything in those pop-up vocabs for the North that looks any different than what’s in the South Vocab document. Feel free to ask if this isn’t clear enough and you need more help.

I actually didn’t do any of the Vocabs until I finished Course 2, at which point I found the Course 1 Vocabs to be fun, a good review, and easier than I think they would have been had I done them at the end of Course 1. Just a thought if you start them and aren’t having fun…they are a bit different than the regular lessons.

Llongyfarchiadau (Congratulations) on finishing Course 1! That’s a great achievement! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Sally! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure there is a separate northern list for the vocab lessons - but most of them should be the same, and if any aren’t, this thread would be an easy/good place for us to answer them for you… :slight_smile:

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Hi AnnaC (and henddraig and Aran), thank you for your replies. Where exactly is the place where the vocab box pops up?
Having just completed Course 1, I thought I’d take a look at Level 1 to see how different it is. It certainly seems to have more vocab, which I like. Maybe it’s me, but I can’t see how to download the ‘Challenges’ as we could with Course 1 lessons. Also it was useful to be able to see and record progress through the lesson timewise, to make it easier to come back to the place I left off. I’m now not sure whether to do Course 2, Level 1, or Level 2 next. Any thoughts on any of this would be much appreciated - diolch yn fawr!


If you look just under the big play button in the middle of the screen, you should see:

‘Click here to download mp3’ (which should help with your downloading issue!) and then under that

‘Vocabulary list’ which is where you can open the vocab window… :slight_smile:

As for switching over to the Levels or not - it won’t make all that much difference - personally, I’d switch over to the Levels (which means starting at Level 1 - you can’t just jump in to Level 2 without getting a bleeding nose…:wink: ) - but it would be fine if you did Course 2 before that. :slight_smile:

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Aran: sorry to be a bit slow, but can we go back a bit - which screen are we talking about? I don’t see any big button

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If you go up top there now and click on ‘Challenges’ to go to the lesson side of the site - and then click on ‘Challenges’ again, you’ll get a dropdown of the available material - click on Level 1 and then on any of the challenges, and then on the lesson page that comes up you should see a big play button in the middle… :slight_smile:

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@Sally - I should have said how to get to the place where my screenshots above were taken - hopefully with the instructions @aran has given you, you have found what you need. But come back and ask if you still need help :slight_smile:

If you use a smartphone, there are SSiW apps for both iOS and Android, which make downloading the lessons and keeping track of where you are very easy, and the vocabulary is available for the lessons (at least I know it is within the iOS app, and I would assume in the Android app, although I don’t use that one so I can’t say for sure). They are available for free in the app stores.

I started with Course 1, as you did (I didn’t realize at the the time that the Levels were the newer “replacements”). I continued with Course 2, and am now doing Course 3. I am going to do the Levels next - they will be a good review, and there will be new things to learn as well. I did think about switching to Level 1 after Course 2, but then I decided that since I am doing this for my own enjoyment, I might as well just do it all :slight_smile: You’ll be learning lots of Welsh whether you do Course 2 or switch to the Levels - fine either way.


I am an oddity, relearning and with mixed up north and south background. I started with the Lessons and then the Challenges appeared. I switched without finishing the first lessons. I think I ended up a bit muddled, but that was partly due to,what I knew and didn’t know. However, I think @AnnaC’s experience shows if you follow what she did, you’ll do OK!