Visiting Wales and looking for people to ymarfer siarad

Helo, pawb!

Dee said, this would be the way to do it, so here I go:

I am from Germany, have only just finished Level 2 and (very, very exciting) will be visiting Wales, together with my family!

In order to practice my shiny new bit of Welsh I am looking for learner groups that I could visit. Or maybe for someone who would like to be the first who I am talking and listening to. In fact, I have never before spoken Welsh with anybody (except for Aran and Catrin in the challenges…)

We will be in Llangrannog, Ceredigion for the first week of October and in Aberdaron, Gwynedd for the second week of October. We will have a car available, so I could drive to places. I cannot exactly foresee what our “timetable” will look like. After sight seeing, I should find an hour or two to spend with patient people, maybe efo gwydraid o cwrw neu panad o de :slight_smile:

I’d be very happy about everyone answering - and very, very excited!

Eckhard from Hamburg in Germany


If you venture up as far as Caernarfon during your week in Gwynedd, I’d be happy to try and meet up for a chat if your timetable fits around my work schedule :grinning:


Likewise, I’d be happy to visit the ‘tonnau gwyllt y môr’ for a paned a sgwrs.

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Hi, Siaron!
Thank you for you reply! I’d be glad to meet you. As soon as I can figure out how far it is from Aberdaron to Caernarfon, and when would be suitable, I’ll send you a message.
Looking forward!

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Aberdaron is just over 30 miles from Caernarfon - and should take just over an hour to drive in a car if you stick to the main roads! :slight_smile:

And to “maturestudent” (how do I get a link to your name in this post?):
Do you mean we could meet by the sea? Would you come over to us? And where would that be, Llangrannog or Aberdaron? Please let me know!
A couple of weeks ago, I saw a “Peint a Sgwrs” group on the map. They meet in The Ship Inn in Llangrannog every Wednesday or so. But meanwhile it has disappeared. Well, maybe The Ship Inn is still there for a paned or peint?

To tag someone in a post, you just put @ before their name ( as in @eckhard) :slight_smile:

I hope @maturestudent doesn’t mind me answering on his behalf, but he is referring to Aberdaron - ‘tonnau gwyllt y môr’ is a line from a Welsh poem about Aberdaron:
Pan fwyf yn hen a pharchus
Ac arian yn fy nghod,
A phob beirniadaeth drosodd
A phawb yn canu 'nghlod
Mi brynaf fwthyn unig
Heb ddim o flaen y ddôr.
Ond creigiau Aberdaron
A thonnau Gwyllt y Môr


Wow, thank you @siaronjames! I will try to translate this into English and post it here, ok? And is Siaron right, @maturestudent? You refer to Aberdaron? Then I will let you know, too, when I’m ready to meet. Thank you both!

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Sorry if I confused matters. ‘Aberdaron’, by Albert ‘Cynan’ Evan-Jones, my favourite poem, couldn’t resist it.
I live on Ynys Môn. I’d be happy to pop down to Aberdaron anytime (there’s a famous local bakery/cafe there too), but Llangrannog’s a bit too far for me.
PM for my email address when you’re ready.
Pob lwc!

On the first Sunday morning of every month, there is a table top sale in Calon Tysul (The Leisure Centre), Heol Llyn y Fran, Llandysul, from 10 til 1. I will be there for the whole time, as I’m on the trustees. That means that if anyone wants to come and meet me, I’ll be there, and to meet each other, I’ll be there then as well!

This happens not a million miles from Llangranog over the Carmarthenshire border.
If your still in Cardiganshire when this is on Sunday October 7th (I think) there shall be a few people from the forum to chat to.
If deemed to far I would be happy to drive to meet you near llangranog afterwards.


Noswaith dda, @Macky!

Thank you for your message. And what a good idea for Sunday morning. I will check if can make it, as we will have to proceed to Aberdaron that day. Maybe, there will not be enough time.

And sorry for once again being a little confused. Do you mean to meet in or near Llangrannog? I’d be very happy with that. Maybe your suggestion was to meet that Sunday afternoon, but that wouldn’t be possible due to our travel plans.

Please let me know!


Hello, @maturestudent!

I will certainly do that! Thank you! See you in Aberdaron. The translation is coming soon.


Yes that was my suggestion but not to worry. It’s about a 25 minute drive from llangranog to llandysul but it’s understandable if your packing to head up north you may not fancy it.
I will be driving about 1hr 20 mins from the other direction to get to llandysul. I enjoy driving by myself and listen to radio Cymru or SSIW on route. If your not going to llandysul then I shall visit you first for a cuppa somewhere and a chat then I’ll meet everyone else later. Phewey hope that makes sense. :sweat_smile:

Bore da, @Macky!
Ah! Now I see! That would certainly make sense, I think. Please let me speak with my family before we make an appointment. In the worst case, we will have to leave too early even for a short meeting.
I will contact you!

Yes of course I never meant to sound so demanding ha. Not a problem either way, I’m sure you will bump into plenty of native speakers in Llangranog and the surrounding area to speak Welsh with. :sunglasses:

I think that there is still a regular meet up for Welsh speakers in Llangrannog at the Pentre Arms. Got this from Pethe Cylch Teifi site that lists what is going on in the area in Welsh:

Llangrannog - Nos Fercher, 7.30pm, Pentre Arms

You will easily find people to speak Welsh in this pub if speaking to the locals. I’m often in the area and have been there several times.


Hello, Maryol!
Thank you very much! I immediately had a look on that website and found the entry. I didn’t know it existed. So, time permitting, I’ll be there!
Thank you again!

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Noswaith dda, @siaronjames, @maturestudent a phawb!

I have tried to translate the poem.

Pan fwyf yn hen a pharchus	When I'm old and respectable		Wenn ich alt bin und geachtet
Ac arian yn fy nghod,		And money's in my coat (pocket?)	Und Geld habe
A phob beirniadaeth drosodd	And all decisions over				Und alle Entscheidungen vorüber sind
A phawb yn canu 'nghlod		And everyone is singing praise (?)	Und jeder singt ein Lob (?)
Mi brynaf fwthyn unig		I'll buy a lonely cottage			Dann werde ich eine einsame Hütte kaufen
Heb ddim o flaen y ddôr.	With nothing in front of the door	Mit nichts vor der Tür
Ond creigiau Aberdaron		But (the) rocks of Aberdaron		Als die Felsen von Aberdaron
A thonnau Gwyllt y Môr		And (the) wild waves of the sea.	Und die wilden Wellen des Meeres.

Mae hi’n neis iawn.



da iawn Eckhard!

You may like to hear it sung too…



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