Video (with subtitles) of SSIWer on Cymru Fyw in Wales for first time from US!

I can see that Geordan has had a couple of mentions on the forum before - she learnt with SSIW quite a while ago it seems!

This is a lovely interview with her - in Spillers records in Cardiff…! she is visiting the UK - shame she isn’t going to the party (or at least there is no mention).

…another one who started with the music it seems @gisella-albertini!

Rich :slight_smile:


Great, thanks!
Going to check it out later or tomorrow
We should start the Learning Welsh because of bands club! :wink:


Since it was a short video I could watch it right away.
She’s from Cleveland! Great music scene, ha!
And most of all, I see she’s checking the right records in the shop. :grin:
Hopefully she also bought it!!

p.s. I’ve found her Forum user name, but unfortunately she hasn’t been around since 2017… :roll_eyes:


She tends to be around on Twitter more. I did have a few conversations with her about Welsh learning a few years back now, but she may be still there.