Verb/Noun - is it a gerund?

Is the following example ok or is it just a translation of ‘lazy’ English I am trying to use in the following -
Mae Gwini yn mynd i Beddgelert cerdded ( possibly gerdded i.e. mutated ). My English translation would be ’ Gwini is going to Beddgelert walking. ’ i.e. walking being a gerund - but sounded wrong to a native Welsh speaker. In my goto grammar book Modern Welsh a comprehensive grammar - Gareth King ; section 198 onwards introduces Verb/Nouns used e.g. Canu da - good singing ; I am obviously missing something here but what ?

Yes the grammatical form in English nearest to the verb-noun is the gerund. But in your sentence “going to Beddgelert walking”, that walking is not a gerund but a participle. It is not acting as a noun but as an adverb, answering the question “how are you going to Beddgelert?”
You make the participle in Welsh with yn. So: Mae Gwini yn mynd i Beddgelert yn cerdded.
I like running: Dwi’n hoffi rhedeg. I went running: Es i yn rhedeg.

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Thanks Darian.