Using the Forum on my Phone

This is a minor issue but just wanted to ‘flag’ it up. Since we have moved to the new forum I have happily logged on and off on my smartphone. It has been great to be able to use the forum on the move, and a massive improvement over trying to use the old forum on my phone.

Yesterday I tried to log in whilst ‘out and about’ but struggled because the SSIW address banner at the bottom of the log in page is now covering the green ‘submit’ button which you press after typing in your user name and password. I think more info has been added to the address banner and it is taking up much more space than it did before.

There is a tiny bit of the green button just peeping over the address banner, but it is really hard to ‘catch’ it and log in succesfully.

Many Thanks

Oops, thanks for pointing that out Andy - the footer wasn’t supposed to be on that page anyway :slight_smile: Fixed now.

Many thanks Ifan, much appreciated :slight_smile: