Use your Welsh - New website to get learners & speakers speaking

Hi All,

So after a few days of hard work and some helpful advice and testing from some of you on here (I will thank you all in more detail over PM) I am about ready to show my new website to the SSIW family.

It isn’t completely finished yet, but is in at least a good enough state that you guys can have a look around.

The site is sort of aimed at people who are thinking about learning Welsh, the purpose being to sort of show people that learning Welsh isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be by some people - and getting those who are learning to feel confident about going out and using it.

It’s also aimed at companies who may have a Welsh speaking audience out there, but they are unable to use the language at present.

The overall goal? People find this website - or are recommended to it, and it sort of acts as a springboard for people to take the jump into learning Welsh, hopefully lots of the people who read it will come over to SSIW in the process.

I’ve made the website bi-lingual also, its written in a non formal way that could even act as pretty good reading practice. I’ve written the Welsh version in a way that should be very readable for learners.

Also: this is the barebones for the minute, but it will grow as time moves on.

NOTE 2: There will be mistakes out there as I still haven’t given it a proper read through yet :smiley:

Anyway, give it a blast:
or …if you’re feeling brave.

Thanks all!


Yes, looking good. Even better than yesterday’s version.

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If I could be extremely cheeky… and I know it’s a bit of a colour cliche, but I’d much rather see graphics in red, white and green than red, white and blue :astonished: :grin:


I’m happy to experiment with a bit of green, but I don’t hold my hopes high :sweat_smile:

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Nice website!
I see you even have a forum to compete with this one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha! There is a forum but I’m not sure how much of it will stay :slight_smile:

“Compete!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Have spent 15 mins navigating the site on my phone and it’s looking good. I will spend a bit more time on it later on my laptop.
I have to say it’s looking good and the blue, red and white graphics are easy on the eye @siaronjames even though green is my fave colour. :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Well done pawb👍🏻

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@Nicky, love the website and I’ve watched all of the videos on our new channel: they were really useful! thank you! The “now go out and use this” is really good for motivation, I am hoping to get to cardiff and siarad Cymraeg first weekend of august if I can find somewhere to do it!


If only there were a giant festival and celebration of the Welsh langauge happening in Cardiff in the first week of August…


In all seriousness thought. There’s Yr Hen Llyfrgell, Bodoli, Cant a mil village, Bragdy a Chegin

…plus depending on numbers I might take it upon myself to organise a SSIW meetup, or some kind of thing.


Also big thanks @Bleddyn for your kind comments. I’m glad were of help :slight_smile:

I saw it was but can’t find anywhere what is happening the first weekend. I’d be really up for seeing some bands but I think that all starts on the following thursday!

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There is music on the main stage (Roald Dahl Plas) from the first Saturday. The lineup isn’t too bad to be honest. Most of the bands who make an appearance at Maes D and the Cymdeithas gigs are playing the main stage too :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’ll get booking my train tickets and tell my brother to make room for me haha.

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You could use my website though not much in Cardiff. Though, as Nicky says, there is the eisteddfod!


Congratulations, Llongyfarchiadau Nicky! Wyt ti wedi gweithio yn galed iawn i greu hynny. Da iawn!


Go for it ay :beers:

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Consider this the first step…I’ll.move over to the meetups board!