Use Your Cymraeg!

I see, Gruntius, has just posted this on Facebook. Love the sentiments…


Looks like a good account to follow :slight_smile:

I asked on twitter but got no answer yet.

Is there any plain text or more HD photo so I coudl read? this is a bit too small for me so is on their acount on twitter.

Thank you.

@tatjana : Right-click on the image here, and “save image” somewhere, then use an image viewer (“Paint” is good enough) and zoom in. It’s a bit fuzzy, but reasonably legible when zoomed-in enough.


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I did exactly this, but the image is not HD enough to still be good quality when zoomed. That’s why I asked for more HD quality. Thanks anyway.

I just got an idea while typing on my phone (my comp literally “died” yesterday). Maybe phone will represent it better.

Thanks once again.

I’ve just tried out my idea and with quite a lot of effort it will work somehow. The pic surely is somehow more readable then on computer (Just mentioning for others with (possibly) same (visual) problems.)

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This is excellent - thanks for sharing. I’ve overheard smug learners taking exception to a native speaker’s use of ‘Wenglish’ before, and it made me very, very cross…

Am going to try to find it on Facebook now to share.