Two versions of SSiW

Sorry if I have missed something but I am confused. Out of curiosity I went back to do Lesson 1 on my main computer and discovered a completely different lesson to Lesson 1 on my tablet. Presumably there has been some sort of relaunch but, even though I am logged in to my account on both machines, I now have two totally different sets of SSiW lessons. I don’t mind that at all as it gives me two different things to practice but I would be interested to know the rationale behind the change. Also, I note the vocabulary lists don’t necessarily correspond completely to what is in each lesson. Is this something else which will be changed! Thanks

They should do - we’d be glad to fix any hiccups you spot… :slight_smile:

The new ‘Levels’ came out several years ago now - they’re an updated and overhauled version of the methodology - if you click on ‘Challenges’ at the top now, you’ll see Level 1, 2 and 3 - with ‘Old material’ leading to the old courses… :slight_smile:

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Hello first.

The two versions of lessons is the two versions of Courses. If you will explore a bit the learning site you’ll see that the site now by default begins wit the new course named “Levels” what means you’ll get Level 1, Level 2 and in North version more of Level 3 than in the South version currently as the recordings of the South version goes a bit slower than nortth. Levels are the newest set of 3 courses.

Older courses are named (how handy) “Courses”. In this set of 3 you’ll have Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 which are completely finished but the structuring of it isn’t as good (that’s what creators say) as that of new Levels. The Courses is the version SSiW began with and when all the new material is completed and will not be in the making anymore, the old Courses will completely give its way for new Levels what means they will be taken away from the site and will not be available for new learners anymore.

Both sets have different aproach in terms of sentences and structures but not in the way the things are taught. If you’re more keen to learn old way (what means with Courses) grab them as they includes some vocab lessons (10 of them) aswell. Vocab lessons of Course 1 and 2 contain everything you need to know if you’re tempted to go to one of bootcamps which run from April through September.

This is basically all. To get to change the set of courses you simply click on Challenges on the upper right side of the blue (or whatever clor bar you’ve set) and the dropdown menu opens. There you can choose which version of the course you’d want to learn. Beneath each lesson are the vocab notes in each version - north or south. To switch the regions you click on the link which is under the challeng and says something like “switch to North” or Switch to South".

to get all vocabulary and some rules all together in one pice you go to the FAQ page and scroll down to “Where can I find the lesson guides and how should I use them”. Clkicking on this link you’ll get practically every guide made for old and for 2 levels of new material.

I hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


The other possibility is that on one computer you have the Northern courses and on the other the Southern courses.
If this is it, it doesn’t matter which you choose. I would suggest sticking with one for a while.



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Thank you

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Don’t think so but thanks anyway - will check

I have finally managed to understand what is going on, by - as suggested - clicking on “See All Challenges”. There are indeed two quite different SSiWs, one clearly an older one and one a newer one. Obviously my tablet had defaulted to one and my computer to the other! However, Having made this discovery I am now trying to do both!!


@kevinmaulden why not? do both, I mean - more bang for your Welsh buck!