Two for the price of one!

We’re trying to sell our house (so that we can move to Wales!), and a very nice man with a Welsh surname came to look round on Saturday. Turned out he was from Rhyl and didn’t get the chance to use his Welsh very often, and we had a nice little sgwrs yn Gymraeg (he complimented me on my accent and mutations - thanks, SSIW!)

He then said that my Welsh was better than his Spanish (his wife is Spanish), which gave me a great opportunity to sing the praises of Say Something in… and point him towards the website.

Now to complete the hat trick it would be great if he would make an offer on the house (send good vibes, everyone…)


Fingers crossed he gets back to you…:smile:

Mr Hughes didn’t want to buy the house :frowning: but we have someone else interested (and I hope I haven’t just jinxed that…)

Do wish someone would get on and buy it, though! We’ve seen a house we like in Cardiff, and my wife has drawn up plans for the kitchen and everything (just a little keen to be back in Wales, she is…)

Pity about that - hope the next one bites! It must be a very frustrating process - hang on in there!..:smile: