Twitterlinks on Deep End

Ion week 2 of the Deep End and much agin my better judgment clicked on several Twitter links recommended. Much to my dismay, I discovered now that I had dozens of Tweets about football which, I didn’t want and had to spend many minutes getting rid of.

@harvey_fudge I’ve checked the Deep End emails and it’s Week 1 that has the suggested people to follow on Twitter. The idea is that most of those will be people who often tweet in Welsh, so you’ll be getting snippets of news, or whatever the current topic of interest is, in Welsh.

We can’t guarantee that they’ll be tweeting about something you’re interested in, and with football being a bit of a hot topic at the moment, I imagine that’s why you got those particular tweets.

If you’ve “followed” someone, just “unfollow” them and you won’t get their tweets again.

The best thing to do is to look at the Twitter handles (the names after the @ sign) and see if there are some you recognise - Welsh singers you like, for example, then follow those ones.

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Thanks Deborah, That’s what I thought I’d done but, someone must have snuck in under the radar.

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