Any ideas on how this framework can be utilised as a learning vehicle? Quicker and a lot snappier than either facebook or email for sure and of great use to myself in developing the band listings website. Meddwlau?

Cyw uses Twitter well. They tweet around three new words per kids’ programme during each show, with the primary focus - I think - of helping parents who are learning Welsh.

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Diolch Jon, will have a look at how this works on Friday

Sorry reply is late as I have just seen this. I have to say I found twitter an excellent vehicle for learning.
My intent when I joined twitter was to practice writing in Welsh but also helps with reading also and finding new vocab. I was surprised that so many Welsh speakers and organisations and one Plaid Cymru MP started following me!
I also follow organisations that tweet in Welsh, eg. WWF Cymru, Swansea council, Swansea University, Menter Iaith Abertawe, RSBP Cymru, ti fi a cyw, y Geiriadur and many more!
So yes it is well worth it!


Gret, I am following and being followed mostly within the contemporary music business, helps me with ‘deall’ and on my site. Will pick up on suggestions you list Diolch