Twitter study

A researcher at the Open University is looking at how language learners use Twitter. If anyone here uses Twitter to supplement their learning in any way and would like to fill in the survey, the information is all at this link Twitter as a Tool for Language Learners


Done …

It’s not even so specific aside of two parts so it’s fine to go with it. I’m happy I’ve participated.

It aplys to any language and it isn’t matter do you learn a language actively now or did you in the past.

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Thanks Tatjana. I haven’t had time to have a proper look at it yet, but I will. I don’t really use Twitter for language learning, but I do tweet in Welsh sometimes.

And everyone that follows the Welsh Word of the Day is using Twitter to help their learning!


Well, the questions are not too specifically related to “real” learning through twitter but give you a choice like: if you’re learning, if you tweet in the language you learn etc … then at several occassions you have the text box in which you define your previously marked answer. But it allerts you at the beginning when you specify which language do you learn or you’ve learnt in the past that you should focus ONLY on that specified language in all next answers. There’s also one question about if you tweet anything in the language you’re learning and then you have to write little something about why. The next question is about to whom you tweet in the language you’re learning and the other about if you send any direct messages in the target language …

So all in all very general survey whic approximately everyone on here who has twitter acount and tweets at least something in target language can go with it.

And just a note: Welsh (or Cymraeg for that matter) is not on the list of languages but if you mark “other” the textbox opens in which you can write down which language do you learn. You have to specify ONLY one language and focus on that one. I’ve choosen Cymraeg and focused on that one as I’m learning it the most intensively right now.

Well, this is it! Enjoy surveying. :slight_smile: