Trust Level -Basic User or Member -What are these?

Looking at my Profile for the first time on the new forum I see I am a ‘Basic User’ with regard to ‘Trust Level’ but I see other people are labelled as ‘Members’.

But I thought I was a ‘member’ being on Course 3 and paying monthly subs. - and looking at the FAQ’s I am a ‘Member’ by the definition there.

Choosing a few names at random I find that Dee and Tahl are ‘Members’ as I would have thought, and that Aran is a ‘Leader’, not surprisingly, but that Iestyn is a ‘Member’ surprisingly not a ‘Leader’.

Am I a 'basic user ’ or a ‘member’ or both ? Can someone please explain.

This is a bit of a guess on my part, but I think the “trust level” thing has to do with how much/what you have posted on this forum, nothing about our roles in the greater scheme of SSiW. If you look at the pinned topic at the top of the list "Discourse for the obsessive) you will find more explanation of that, I think…

Sionned’s right on the money here. Discourse (the forum software we’re using) has some ‘clever stuff’ that upgrades people’s posting rights automatically based on their participation in the forum and, although we’re not using this, the levels you’re seeing are an artifact of that tracking. You can safely completely ignore them.

Diolch, Sionned a Wondersheep.