Translation services

I wondered if anyone out there knows of a trustworthy translation service? It’s text for a website which has already been copy edited in English, and needs to be translated into Welsh (Northern). It’s quite a large amount of text, about 80 pages I suppose.

Here’s one link, Sam. But I’m sure other people will offer advice.
I should mention that I am acquainted with Ian.
This is a link where you’ll find a comprehensive list of translators also.

Thanks dinas. I’ll check it out.

Whatever you do, don’t use this service:

Thanks for that Louis, advice like that is invaluable.

My ex sister in law is a translator Nd though she is unable to take freelance work at the moment she highly recommends a North Wallian, Jason Morgan ,
Hope this helps.

Brilliant. Thanks for your help everyone.

I can recommend ‘Inc Cyf’ at

Again they are acquaintances and based close to us in Pwllheli.

Thanks Catrin - I’m spoilt for choice!!